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A being from the stars, a cosmic lover, has come to Claremont, setting its sights on the student body as it attempts to find the perfect love! Its first target? Thunderbird!

Of course, the cosmic lover is fickle, and what might be complete devotion and true love one moment, might be discarded if something better shows up.


Anyone interested in helping Micah fight off the cosmic lover's advances, or potentially ending up the target of their love? 


I figure this will run with a bit of a revolving cast, with me bringing in and ushering out characters as they will pop up.

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Alright, Micah, Elizabeth, Judy and Ashley has scared Alice off from Micah for now!


Next up, she'll see how Legatus is doing! Maybe Leroy and Abby will be able to help him, if you're still interested. If not, let me know and I'll find someone else.


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