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Föðursystir Sanngriðr

Tiffany Korta

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Bobbi day had been fairly normal when she got up, but now she was walking down the drive of a prep school that probably cost more than her town made in a year to meet the daughter of a god. At least she hadn’t had to fly here, and a flying horse was just par for the course in a city like Freedom, and she could stop for a coffee without, many, eyes brows being raised. But just in case she came to Claremont in a taxi as Bobbi.


It had been many centuries since Sanngriðr had met any other Asgardians so Bobbi wondered what this young woman would be like, and how pleased to see her as the whole idea that she would be taking her for a visit had been covered with the regular Asgardian bombast.



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Astrid was giddy. She was also hella nervous too. It wasn't everyday that she got to meet another Asgardian. Well, an Asgardian who wasn't a jerk in her opinion. The Claremont student had been waiting on Valkyrja's arrive for an about an hour now in the front entrance to the school and practically leaped out off the column she had been leaning on when she saw Valkyrja's taxi come on to the scene.  


"Heil ok sæl!" she excitable hailed Valkyrja in the Old Norse before immediately going back to her Norwegian accented English, feeling a bit self-conscious that she was so stoked for this meet up. "Hey there. You're Valkyrja, ja? Astrid Torsten here. Happy to finally meet ya."

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Bobbi Foster

If Bobbi was embarrassed that she wasn’t quite what Astrid was expecting she didn’t show it instead beaming as she greeted her temporary ward.


I’m Bobbi Takhi Foster pleased to meet you, I guess I’m sort of the step-step sister.” after a quick pause for the terrible “joke” she carried on I got you this.”


From her large purse she got out a package that turned out to be a large chunky jumper, black and white stripes with jaunty runes scattered around the stripes.


“I’m not sure how use to the cold you are, but back home it gets a bit nippy. My mum knits those for me by the dozen, when I pointed out an attempt at a secret identity she knitted one for Val… sorry Valkyrja. I use it as a blanket when I want a quiet night chilling on the sofa.” she grinned at the teen


So as much as I’m curious for a tour I’m guessing you just want to get out of here? Even if it to Canada of all places!”

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Astrid took the thick-looking jumper and gave it a look. Sure, it wasn't her usual style but it she wasn't about to punch a gift horse in the mouth. Unlike most of her other clothes this wasn't ripped to all Hel and the neat looking runes on it definitely rose its awesomeness value in her eyes. Astrid promptly put the jumper in her bag for later use, but not before giving Bobbi her deserved thanks. 


"Thanks for the jumper, Bobbi. Tell your mom that I appreciate it!" Remembering about the cold she peeped again. "I think I'm good when it comes to the cold. So as long as nobody's throwing ice spikes my way I should be able to tough out whatever comes our way in Canada."


The idea of heading up north was music to Astrid's hears. Given her schooling at Claremont she didn't have a heck of a lot of time to travel the States, let alone the rest of North America. Half of the reason why we agreed to go on this trip was for that very chance. 


"Ha.You got me. I'll give the tour next visit, ja? So when we do set out for the north. I'm ready for it!"

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“Hey I get you, I just have to change and we’ll get there straight away. I didn’t exactly come through the official channels, and I don’t think Frárvængr likes me much. ”


She grasped the handle of the sword the blade solidifying as she lofted the great sword above her head. She grew in stature as her clothes morphed into a suit or medieval-looking armour. Casually thrusting the sword into the ground she swept up Astrid in a hug.



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"By the freaking gods!" Astrid blurted out as she saw Valkyrja magical turn into, well, Valkyrja. Of course, that surprise was nothing compared to the bear hug she suddenly got swept into. When the follow Asgardian finally let Astrid go, the teen was visibly blushing. 


"Oh, wow," she said awkwardly, trying her best to settle back down and drain the redness out of her cheeks. "Um. Thanks for that. Really. I, uh, don't often get hugs from fellow Asgardians." Astrid was silent for a few seconds after that. She didn't like to ruminate very long on her awkward status in Asgard, but sometimes she couldn't help but do just that. 


Eventually though she got out of it and gave Valkyrja a real Asgardian greeting. "I'm honored to see you too, Sanngriðr of the Valkyrie."

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Then you have not met the right Asgardians Astrid of Midgard*! Many tales of joyous antics I can tell you, including that of your father who wasn’t as stern as the saga’s do tell.”


She stood back slightly and frowned, her boisterous lowering every so slightly.


I apologise if mention of your father pains you, it has been many years since I strolled the magnificent halls of Asgard and many things have changed in the centuries that I had the Valkyrjasvefn. If it hurts your soul then I shall speak no more of him, instead I will tell tales of Thrud another daughter of his that we had such antics back in the glory days of our people.”



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"I..." Nope. Astrid wasn't going to get weirdly choked up here in front of someone she only just got to know. Nevermind that she was still on school grounds. The last thing she needed was being called out by one of classmates. She had a rep to uphold after all. 


With that in mind, Astrid took a second to quickly rub her eyes and try to whip away something that totally wasn't there. She wasn't exactly subtle but it did the trick. When she was done with that awkward bit of business she returned to her more causal manner. "Don't worry about it, Sanngriðr. Really, I'm a tough girl. I can deal with family drama. I appreciate the consideration though." Astrid gave the valkyrie a respectful punch to her armored shoulder in thanks.


"I heard about Thrud. Not much though. Guess she's my half-sister which is pretty awesome because I always kind of wanted one of those. I'd love to hear more about her."

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Then I shall tell you mighty tales of our exploits, over mead to toast our victories.” she paused remember things were different now in the modern worldThough maybe some of those drink with the bubbles instead?


Looking to quickly change the subject she whistled to summon her steed, who trotted through a shimmering rainbow coloured portal. A magnificent beast, six limbed winged horse taller than


This is Frarvaengr my mighty steed and companion from long ago. She will take us via the portal, though if you wish we may fly through the sky first.

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Astrid had Porrklubba in hand could have flown solo if she wanted, but that would have meant losing out on the chance to ride a flying horse, which if Astrid was being honest was up for with meeting Liv Kristine in person when it came to her childhood dreams.  "Hel yes I want to take a ride!" She practically screams as she sees the six-legged winged stead. 


The Asgardian approached the horse with earnest wonder but also steadiness as if she was afraid that it would fly off or dissipate into the aether if she got to close. When Astrid realized that she was being ridiculous by acting so nervous, she finally just reached out and patted the steed. "This so cool, Valkyrja! Can she talk?" Astrid suddenly asks, her eyes still fixated on the horse even as she asked  Valkyrja the question. "Totally weird question, I know. Or maybe not weird at all. But I know that some of the horses in the Nine Realms are enchanted with speech. So can she, you know, talk? Because if she can than my inner eight-year old is going to squee."

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Frárvængr shock her head before settling down and letting Astrid stroke her nose


<”Of cause I speak young one… a little lower if please, ah perfect! If you have some sugar or at a push carrots that would be even better.”>


With a hearty laugh Valkyrja offered Astrid a handful of sugar cubes surreptitiously.




It was difficult to tell if she was being serious or not on this thing.

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As it turned out, Astrid did in fact spree when she suddenly heard the winged stead speak up. When presented with Valkyrja's offered sugar cubes she took up eagerly and gave the warrioress a round of excited thanks yous as she let Frárvængr eat out of her hand. Astrid was being incredibly silly and knew that it, but right now she didn't care. 


Of course, after asking a lot of earnest questions about the realness of cutie marks, Astrid does eventually remember that she was here for more than a social meet and greet. "Gods, we're going to be here all day if I keep goshing like a total fangirl about this," she admits to both Valkyrja and Frárvængr. "We should get a move on, ya?" With that said, Astrid happily climbed on Frárvængr's back and waited for Valkyrja to do the same. 

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Accepting the hand Sanngriðr vaulted onto the back of her horse behind Astrid, enthusiastic to get going though she was enthused about everything she did.




She gently encouraged Frárvængr to move forward who trotted forward a short distance before entering a rainbow of pure light. Then for a few seconds they were floating high above Freedom City before Frárvængr started to fall as her massive wings unfolded.

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Even with having used Porrklubba well over hundred times to soar through the skies herself, Astrid was still taken aback by just how exhilarating it was to fly on Frárvængr. Though the wind was in her face and the sound of the rushing wind filling her ears, Astrid still had the presence of mind to do as Sanngriðr said and hold on to Frárvængr as they traveled, though the urge to spread out her arms in a double-fisted V was quite tempting. 


Astrid did allow herself one indulgence by screaming out "Canada here we come!" over the wind.  

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For a few minutes they swooped through the sky, and whilst they could make ou other flying heroes they had a part of the sky to themselves. With experience gained long ago Sanngriðr guided Frárvængr through the subtlest of movements. When Valkyrie spoke she didn’t have to raise her voice at all above it norm, though that was normally quite loud in itself.


AYE BACK TO CANADA, BUT LET US HAVE SOME FUN AS WELL.” she gently wrapped a strong arm around Astrid to help hold her in place “IF YOU WISH YOU MAY RAISE YOUR ARMS AND GO WHOO!”


Then with a sudden movement Frárvængr swept back her wings and they began to dive towards one of the main roads of Downtown, and only at the very last minute just above the traffic did she unfurled her wings again. Astrid could swear she heard the sound of a hoof striking the bus below, and even the normally jaded locals watched this magnificent display. Then after a few minutes of level flight there was a rainbow flash of light as they left the city behind.

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Astrid laughed as she heard Sanngriðr's booming voice over the wind. "You must be a mind reader too because that's exactly want I've been thinking." With Sanngriðr giving her the go ahead, Astrid threw her hands in the air and enjoyed the ride across the city. She kept doing so even when they dropped all way down to street level in view of Freedom City's shocked residents. Summers probably won't be too happy about that if she found out, but Astrid figured that the veteran superhero did not need to know about it anymore than she needed to know about all the other things that Astrid caught up too that weren't exactly keeping with school policy. 


When they were back higher in the air, Astrid was on the verge of asking Sanngriðr if they were planning flying all the way to Great White North when her question ended up being immediately answered when a familiar flash of rainbow light enveloped them. 

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  • 2 weeks later...


Frárvængr appeared above the choppy white waters of the Atlantic, the buffering winds not seeming to effect the mighty steeds wing beats. Below was the cliff of the southern portion of Nova Scotia the area laid out below. At such height with the wind most people would be difficult to be heard, but Sanngriðr wasn’t most people.




As she spoke she gently encouraged Frárvængr to start flying inland.

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When they left the veil of rainbow light Astrid's vision was meet with the view of a staggering land and seascape of high cliffs and crashing waves against the shore. Immediately the sight of it reminded Astrid of her own home country of Norway, which quickly put an nostalgic smile on Astrid's face. 


"Hmm?" she asks, still kind of mesmerized by the view by still able and courteous enough to listen to Sanngriðr's words. "Somewhere important? Like your hometown or something? You're uh... host? Partner? Lives here, yeah?" 

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The Valkyrie grinned as she directed the horse onwards through the air.




The passed to the east of the town of Norumbega on an island in the middle of the Chebogue River, and Frárvængr set down near to a wooded area outside of the town. Sliding of the beast she offered a hand to Astrid.




Leading the two of them short distance into a clearing there was a large stone set into the ground. Around the edge of the flat surface was a series of ancient Norse runes carved in a semi-circle, in the middle of the stone was carved native Mi'kmaw art showing what appeared to be two warriors first at war and then at peace.

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Astrid took Sanngriðr's hand to get off her stead, but made sure to give Frárvængr one last pet before she dismounted. Back on solid ground, she took in the new location a the clearing. Astrid could make out and read the runes around the main stone slab easily enough, but the actual monument itself was something of a mystery. 


"So is this some kind of a monument to a peace meeting after a war?" she asked Sanngriðr before going into a little more detail about her theory. "The Indigenous people here and the Vikings that arrived get into a fight, because of course, but then they found a way to broker some kind of peace?"

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  • 1 month later...


“Not they we, well I, it was an epic battle between myself and their champion, both of us.” She smiled at a memory from the event “Though the fight was good the negotiation were better, she was very skilled with the tongue…”


She quickly gathered her wits and continued to her point.


“I bound my essence to the sword and slept through the ages keeping this place under our protection of peace. Until the time came and I was joined to a daughter of the Mi'kmaw, I am Asgardian but I am also of this place. It is not the blood that flows through our veins that is important, it is that is this…” she thumped her chest causing her armour to ring “… is the heart of Asgardian. I am saddened that some forgot that through the centuries.”


Again, she took her Astrid in a massive friendly hug.


“Whatever anyone says your heart is that of an Asgardian, and if they disagree I will… convince them otherwise.”

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