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Let's see if Kronks heard of Prime beating back Omega.


Knowledge: Cosmology: 1d20+3=17


Hmmm Not quite.


He's gonna try to feint Teriffica,   Feint as move action 1d20-5=7


And A full power attack 1d20+5=18   DC30 toughness if that hits which will only be the case if she somehow does not see through his feint which I think she does on a 1 with any of the available counters.

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https://orokos.com/roll/783458 29 for Initiative. Predictably, Terrifica goes first.


Pull out of melee range with her move action, and Freonic Ray (snare) with her standard.


https://orokos.com/roll/783461 A 22 on that attack check. Save is DC 18 Reflex. Yes, she had the same idea as Archer, independently.


As a side note: Skill Mastery on Sense Motive leaves her at +25 at virtually all times. So yeah, he had no chance of feinting her.

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Alright all caught up.



Full Round Action:  break free (Full round breaking objects his damage bonus is Strength bonus + 2 for Super Strength for +12 vs the Snare at toughness 12.  An even toughness and dam bonus means it's broken.)


Triakosia is up and if still using Super Breath Kronk will reflex save DC 25 1d20+7=26 success Halves the Save DC (opposed Strength check for Trip)  1d20+10=30 With her DC bonus of +8 (after halving for the reflex save) He's gonna win that and keep his feet.

   My IC incoming and @Tiffany Korta will be up for her IC, and OOC will be @EternalPhoenix for teriffica at the top of round 2.


Round 2

29 Teriffica     4HP   Uninjured

27 Archer        4HP   Uninjured

23 Kronk         2HP    Uninjured

21 Triakosia   2HP    Uninjured

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For the move action, Terrifica will be digging into her Gadgets pool. Specifically, she'll be taking a trick from Archer's build and applying Autofire to her Sonic Flash Burst (visual & auditory dazzle). Standard is, obviously, using that.


https://orokos.com/roll/785050 13. Rolled a fraggin' 1. Nope, not allowed, HP reroll right now.


https://orokos.com/roll/785051 21, but with the HP reroll rules that's actually a 31. Normally a DC 18 Reflex, but with Autofire...DC's 22 instead.

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