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Biokinetic WIP


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Ashford “Biomancer” Glenn Winters (PL10)


Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)

Unspent Power Points: 0.

Trade-Offs: None


In Brief: A squishy healer throwing a lot of the status effects love all around him.

Catchphrase: “Seriously?”

Theme:  Road Less Taken


Alternate Identity: None

Birthplace: Singapore

Residence: Freedom City

Base of Operations: Claremont Academy

Occupation: Student

Affiliations: Claremont Academy

Family: Willow Winters (Father, Missing), Joy Lin (Mother), Allen Yue (Step-Father), Steven Yue (Younger Step-Brother)



Age: 16 (DoB: 2003 October)

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Mixed.

Height: 5’7” or 170cm

Weight: 143lbs or 65kg

Eyes: Dark Brown/Blackish

Hair: Dark Hazel/Blackish

Ashford is a somewhat svelte young man and has an average height for a young man his age. He has short and properly cut hair of dark-brown and dark-hazel, a proof of his mixed heritage from a Caucasian father and Asian mother. Despite being a male, his facial features are quite soft and androgynous, with many describing him as either delicate or cute because of it – again, may be attributed to his Asian heritage from his maternal side of the family.



In most cases, Ashford prefers simple clothing such as T-shirts, collared shirts, jeans and sneakers. Depending on the weather, he might wear a jacket, put on a scarf, a pair of gloves and call it a day. He dislikes wearing accessories such as necklaces, earrings, rings and similar items.





Ashford’s story began when his father, Willow Winters and Joy Lin met in their workplace. Willow was an expat from the United States, working in the engineering department to develop new technology and improving existing technology for the Singaporean government while Joy was a secretary working for a giant multinational corporation. They met by chance, in a ball where they both walked into each other, spilling their drinks. One thing led to another, and by the end of the year, both were happily wedded, and they soon had their first and only child, Ashford Winters. His childhood was that of a typical Singaporean boy – he was taught to be disciplined, to do his best in whatever his does and to spend most of his time studying. He would sometime wish to fly in the sky like the many superheroes he saw in the television, or sometimes streaking through the clear, blue skies. But Singapore, being one of the safest countries in the entire South East Asia, rarely has any crises that would require the attention of the superheroes community.

Willow would eventually decide to move back to the states as his term in Singapore have reached an end. While his novel approach in how to solve the Singaporean government’s water problem have granted him great reputation in this area, he had also earned the ire of those who were taking advantage of this problem and to generate profit from it. And many of these people are in a position of prestige. The increasingly hostile environment became one of the main reasons for him to take his wife Joy and the then seven-year-old Ashford to the states – and he makes a gamble by moving into Seattle, where he hope that he can make a better living. This was initially met with resistance by Joy, but she eventually relented seeing that there was no way of changing his mind. Willow did not want to leave his friends and cousins behind too, but what can a child do?



Once moved to Seattle, Willow managed to find a job in University of Washington as a professor teaching subjects involving sustainable development and green technologies. He was doing great in his job, but spending increasingly more time with his research. There were times where he even slept in the labs, leaving Joy and Ashford behind in a new country, a new city and with little directions. Joy tried her best to give Ashford a stable environment to grow up in, but a young boy like him can be a handful. Still, she tried her best and Ashford reciprocate that relationship by being a responsible, thoughtful if a bit timid. There was little change in their life as the years went – but Ashford knew that the distance between his father and mother were widening as the years went by. Secretly, he was feeling anxious and guilty that he couldn’t help making their relationship any better – he tried his best, but knew that there was only so much he could do.



The year 2016 is when Ashford’s life truly turned all upside down. On his way back home after a long day at school, Ashford witnessed a white van kidnapping a homeless man off the street. Teen being teen, he accidentally took a picture with his flash on of the incident, alerting the kidnappers of his presence. He turned tail and ran after he realized what he did, but he was quickly silenced and dragged into the van as one of the kidnapper outran him in seconds. He was just an ordinary kid while his pursuer was a speedster – there was no way he could get out of it. After what seemed to be days, he and the homeless man was thrown into individual cells, and he thought that was the end of his short life.



To his surprise, life during his imprisonment was not as dark as he first thought. While he suspected his eventual fate, many of the older men and women who were being imprisoned took pity on his age an tolerated his presence and did not lash out against him. There were those that tried, but the other prisoners would always care for him and made sure that he remained untouched. He did not take this for granted – and would always help them in whatever way he could.  Each and everyone of them taught him a little something while he was imprisoned, but most importantly, they taught him not to give up no matter how dark the future looked. No matter how dark the nights were, how strong the winds were, how torrential the rains were – smile. And it was an advice he took to heart.

As days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months, he had also seen many of the friends he made disappeared – dragged out of their cells into god knows where. He knew that he would one day become one of those dragged out, and he swore that he would fight until the end if chances presented itself. During his imprisonment, a riot broke out as the prisoners tried to escape, Ashford was among them although there was little he could do other than simply run and hide. It was quelled extremely quickly by their superpowered guards, but it was during this time that Ashford learnt about the identities of those that have imprisoned them – Labyrinth, although he has yet to learn the significance of that name.



He was imprisoned for a total of 2 years. On one quiet midnight, he was dragged out from his cell. Unlike others before him, he went with them quietly to see what fate awaits him. To his surprise, he was led into a chamber filled with giant tubes filled with mysterious liquid, machines, busy technicians. What shocked him was that a few familiar faces were in the tubes. As he was being restraint, the lead scientist did a full body check up on him – and with a smile, tick all the boxes. He listened to their conversation, and realized that a “client” have order for a young man, no older than 18, with good looks and superpower to be his daughter’s bodyguard. They just happened to have the perfect materials on hand and would make it to order – material being him. The DNAscent process will take days to complete, and unfortunately for him, a group of superheroes found the location of the prison and they were being attacked. The techs have decided to abandon all the equipment and kill all their subjects who were in the process of undergoing the necessary DNAscent changes with a kill switch – they did not care about the prisoners, seeing that most of them didn’t even know why they were taken in the first place. While the staff did manage to evacuate and a majority of their equipment destroyed, Ashford survived the killswitch. When the superheroes came in to scout the place and free the prisoners, they found the laboratory with the unconscious Ashford being the only survivor within the lab.



They have called for help from Freedom City, which airlifted Ashford and the rest of the kidnapped victims from the site of the facility and to the Freedom Medical Center. While the rest of the victims were quickly released after a thorough medical checkup and confirming their identities, the staff were at a lost on what to do with Ashford. While they were able to find his record in the NamUs (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System) thanks to the help from FCPD, his situation was… less than ideal. His father was killed in an accident roughly one year earlier due to terrorism in Seattle, and his mother was no longer in the States and couldn’t be contacted. The FMC agreed among themselves that they should let the boy stay until his recovery in the meantime and observe the effects of him undergoing DNAscent. Fortunately, due to several of their labs being exposed in quick succession, Labyrinth couldn’t keep track of the prisoners that have been freed – and thus, Ashford remained safe for the during the time he was with the medical center.



Ashford finally woke up from his deep slumber in the late summers of 2019. Despite his wounds have been fully healed long before then, but the doctors couldn’t predict when he would wake up from his coma. They were overjoyed to see that he was perfectly fine – in fact, none of his muscles have deteriorated and it allowed him to move freely even without any sort of therapy. He was approached by a detective from the FCPD and an officer from CPS, and they had a 6 hours chat where they went through with him what they found out about his family when he was locked away. He had trouble believing in what happened. His father, dead. His mother, left. In the end, all he had done didn’t matter at all. Ms. Golden, the officer from CPS have told him that for the time being, he would be put in foster care until such a time when they could decide whether he would placed in a permanent foster home or return to his mother, as he had no other living relatives in the country. He had no choice but to leave the hospital and moved from one foster home to another between weeks of one another. Sometimes, days, within Freedom City.



It was during this time that he found a friend in Ms. Golden, a young woman with a golden heart serving as an officer with the Child Protection Services. She would be the one that picked him up from homes and to wherever he needed to go to complete his paperwork. She… pitied him, the boy with no home to call his own through no fault of his own. She had seen many cases, but his was… especially difficult, since she knew what happened to him from his files. And occasionally, it was Ashford that needed to comfort her, but he appreciated her help and did his best to keep himself out of troubles. It took a lot of her resources, but she finally found where Ashford’s mother was in Singapore, and made steps to arrange for a video conference for the mother and son – but in her enthusiasm, she didn’t check a detail that would be fatal before their relatively short meeting: Joy had remarried into the family of a Singaporean socialite and had a two-month old child – and she didn’t want Ashford back.

On that day, other than Joy, a middle-aged Asian man was also present, introducing himself as Joy’s new husband and had made it clear from the get-go that he would not accept Ashford into his family, but would not stop Joy from sending any monetary support with the condition that he would not step foot in Singapore. Joy asked a few questions – How are you? Are you doing alright? Do you need anything? All answered with a few single words. After the conference ended and it was made clear that Ashford had no home to return to, Ms. Golden apologized for how things turned out.



It was made clear that he had been abandoned by his own mother at this point, and Ashford’s raw emotions finally broke his composure. His fear, his frustrations, and his anger. He had those emotions too, but he had always kept them in check because he didn’t want to cause anyone problems. He needed to be the responsible and dutiful one, because his world depended on it. Now, his final pillar crumbled under the weight, revealing an empty, hungry void once all is said and done.

It was a cool autumn evening. Ashford left his foster home without much of a word. His disappearance was only informed to Ms. Golden 24 hours later. She did her best and spent all her resources to find out anything about him, and her heart broke when the body of a teenage male was found at the banks of Wading River, near the Mangold bridge. It was Ashford, and his body was dead cold by the time they found him. However, even Death rejected the boy, and he coughed the water out from his lungs and throat from inside the body bag just before they could send him for post-mortem. Ms. Golden was overjoyed. Ashford, not much.



Luckily, Freedom Medical Center wasn’t that far away and they gave him another check-up. Everything was fine, and he definitely didn’t look like a man that just fought the reaper off. In fact, he was a healthy young man – healthier than most people in the hospital. It was during this time that Ashford felt… different. He could ‘feel’ the flow of life, the unseen, streaming energy. On his way out, he passed by a patient who in serious pain due to a deep gash on his chest on a hospital bed – even when bandaged, he could sense the blood flowing out. The energy that surrounding the patient was fading away slowly. He instinctively reached out, and he could see that the energy seemed to burst almost instantly. The patient opened his eyes, amazed, and looked at Ashford. He knew. Ashford knew. And Ashford walked out of the hospital before anyone else took notice, bringing along a very confused Ms. Golden with him.



Due to his misconduct, Ms. Golden had asked special permission for Ashford to stay with her for the next few days before he is more emotionally stabilized. He would need to be by her side whenever she wasn’t doing anything private so that he wouldn’t do anything to himself again – and he promised her he wouldn’t do anything stupid like that again. Dying twice… remade his perspectives. In the next few days, he followed Ms. Golden when she worked – visiting families, going through cases, go to courtrooms, going to the police department. He even played with some of the younger children when Ms. Golden was handling business. She was glad that he seemed to have stabilized for the moment and Ashford learnt a lot from this experience. So much so that he cursed himself for forgetting that life is indeed living for – and he shouldn’t have forgotten all those people that died in that dark place, forever being barred from living their own life. He should have been more grateful, he told himself.



His actions in Freedom Medical Center wasn’t forgotten. News about a miracle healer spread in in Freedom City, but it was treated as a rumour. While Ashford and Ms. Golden weren’t aware of them, the superhero community did not let this pass by them. When the rumour reached the ears of Callie Summers, headmistress of Claremont Academy, she tracked where the rumours were coming from. Once she found out its source and managed to verify its truth, it was easy for to track down Ashford and her temporary guardian. After running a background check, she called them up and arranged for a meeting session about having him join the academy with a full scholarship, and his guardianship will be passed on to the academy until his 18th birthday.

After a one-to-one session with the headmistress, Ashford accepted a place in the academy so that he could learn more about his powers, and to lay his past to rest. (Pending approval from Ref)







Personality & Motivation:

Despite his suicide, Ashford’s most prevalent personality trait is his perseverance. After all he had faced to date, he has not yet given up. Yes, he might feel sad, angry and confused; he might scream out and cry, but in the end, he always moves forward, and he always bounces back from failures. Some may call him for being a stubborn bull, but he knew that he only loses if he stopped, and he knew the futility of stopping – the last time he stopped, he was in a watery grave. So, he must keep on moving, even if the entire world falls into an endless void.



Ashford is also responsible and considerate towards others. Several traits that may make him others walk all over him if it’s not because of the fact that he is also a level-headed person and act on what he believes to be the best. He rarely acts out, as he didn’t want to trouble anyone. He would frequently rethink his choices especially if others are involved – and this affect his ability to make decisions with time pressure.



An aspect of Ashford’s personality that might come back to haunt him, despite all he survived, is his lack of self-confidence. Why did his mother abandoned him, after everything that he went through to come back and find her? Is he not worth it? Is it all for nothing? Such questions shattered his very being and eventually consumed him, causing him to almost flow down the River Styx. He is also quite mellow, hiding his true feelings with a smile because he doesn’t want to trouble others with his feelings, since he views it as not important. He has not yet learned to face his own tragedy, hiding behind a mask of positive outlook. In truth, he is a functioning human being, but not much more.



Currently, his motivation is to discover and explore what his powers can do. While he isn’t afraid of what he can do, he is eager to learn about it and if he can use it to the betterment of others and himself. After all the sufferings he had witnessed, and he himself is no stranger from such sufferings, he wishes to be able to use it help and to do what is right.







Powers & Tactics:

Surviving the Labyrinth’s DNAscent project, Ashford is granted the ability to affect what can only be described as “Life Energy” that is present in all living things. Ashford can see such streams of energy within humans and animals, giving him information on how healthy they are and how strong their life force is. He first discovered this when he was at the Freedom Medical Center, seeing a patient’s life force weakening. After experimenting with it, he also discovers that he could analyse the patient’s general health condition through analysing the life energy – although he could yet properly tell them apart.



Other than being able to see and detect such energies, he can also manipulate and disrupt these energy streams from a distance, causing different types of effects. While he had not figured out what leads to what, he was cautious of trying them out because he understood the danger of manipulating the energies – he has no doubt that while his power can heal and make others queasy, it definitely can kill. He has no desire of becoming a mass murderer, so testing its full effect would have to wait. He could currently mend and boost the energy, as well as drawing it away and disrupting it – and wondered if there are other ways he can affect them.



While he could not see himself directly, but he could feel his own life energy flowing through him. It was strong… like a burning pyre in the midst of a sea stars. While he wasn’t aware of it, he was already ageless – he would forever stay in the body of a sixteen-year-old. Its strength will also essentially burn out external agents that are attempting to harm him, rendering him immune to poisons, toxins, diseases and viruses. Another effect that is bestowed upon him is that his life energy mends his body from injuries in a relatively short amount of time. Even death is only momentarily, as his life energy refuses to move on and revive his body, even regenerating whatever part that is missing in preparation for the return of his consciousness. In truth, he had already comeback twice by the time he joined Claremont Academy.



When in combat, Ashford relies primarily on his ability to affect the life energy. As the designated field medic, his first priority is almost always to heal the wounded while keeping himself within range of combat so that he could react appropriately if the situations call for it. Lacking abilities to protect others from direct harm, he guides other bystanders away from the combat as best he can as well as ensuring their survival. Once that is done, he will attempt to disrupt the flow of his enemy’s combat by disabling them through by disrupting their energies. If the target proves to be troublesome, he will attempt to drain the target’s life energy away, attempting to weaken the target before apprehending him. Only at the direst of situations will Ashford inflict direct harm by directly scouring the life energy of his enemies.



While Ashford has never been trained in proper combat, he did pick up a thing or two when he was imprisoned by Labyrinth. While he prefers to stay out of direct combat, but he can still contribute directly when the situation comes for it by encasing himself with life energy so dense that would make him far stronger than otherwise possible. In this ‘assault’ form, he becomes an equally dangerous opponent despite his lack of combat training.





DNAscendant: While Ashford is thought to have died before his DNAscension was completed, it is possible that Labyrinth, his former captors might take notice of him. If they do, they might deploy personnel to recapture him and find out how he survived – and how best to exploit his powers.


Ward of the Court: Due to his unusual legal circumstances, Ashford is a ward of the court until he is of age. He is extremely conscious of his status and as long as the Academy is sponsoring his guardianship, he is very unlikely to act out of line and doing anything that would put him in legal trouble.







Abilities: 0 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 0 = 12PP
Strength: 10 (+0)
Dexterity: 12 (+1) 
Constitution: 22/+12 (+6/+1)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 14 (+2) 
Charisma: 10 (+0) 


Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP
Initiative: +9 (+1 Dex +8 Improved Initiative)
Attack: +5 (+5 Base)
Defense: +5 (+5 Base), +3 Flat-Footed
Grapple: +0
Knockback: -4


Saves: 9 +10 + 13 = 32PP
Toughness: +6 (+6 Con)
Fortitude: +10 (+6 Con +9PP)  
Reflex: +11 (+1 Dex +10PP) 
Will: +15 (+2 Wis +13PP) 



Skills: 36R=9PP
Acrobatics 1 (+2)
Bluff 0 (0, +4 Attractive)
Computers 1 (+3)
Concentration 8 (+9) 
Craft (Artistic) 3 (+5)
Craft (Structural) 1 (+3)
Diplomacy 0 (0, +4 Attractive))
Investigate 1 (+3)
Knowledge (Life Sciences) 4 (+5)  
Languages (English (Native), Japanese, Malay, Mandarin)
Medicine 3 (+4)
Notice 4 (+5)
Sense Motive 4 (+5)
Survival 3 (+4)


Feats: 9PP
Improved Initiative 2
Luck 3
Second Chance (Will save to resist Mind Control) 
Ultimate Save (Fortitude) 
Ultimate Save (Will) 


Powers: = 97PP (62+10+10+12+3)
Descriptors: All powers have the Mutant descriptor as origin and have the Life-Energy descriptor. 

Biokinesis 27 (54PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 8) [62PP] (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

  • BE: Healing 10 (Feats: Stabilize, Persistent, Regrowth; Extra: Restoration, Resurrection, Total) {53/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)
  • AP: Damage 10 (Extra: Alternate Save (Fortitude), Range (Perception)) {40/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)
  • AP: Drain 10 (Any one Physical ability score; Feats: Incurable; Extra: Range (Perception)) {41/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)
  • AP: Fatigue 10 (Feats: Incurable, Reversible, Selective; Extra: Area (General, Burst), Extra: Range (Perception)) {53/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)
  • AP: Healing 10 (Feats: Stabilize; Extra: Action (Standard), Range (Perception)) {51/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)
  • AP: Nauseate 10 (Feats: Reversible, Selective; Extra: Area (General, Burst), Extra: Range (Perception)) {52/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)
  • AP: Paralyse 10 (Feats: Reversible, Selective; Extra: Area (General, Burst), Range (Perception)) {52/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)
  • AP: Stun 10 (Feats: Reversible, Selective; Extra: Area (General, Burst), Extra: Range (Perception)) {52/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

Enhanced 10 (Constitution) [10PP] (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy) 


Immunity 10 (Aging; Disease; Poison; Need for Sleep; Fatigue Effects) [10PP] (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy) 


Regeneration 10 (Recover Rate; bruised 2 [standard action], Staggered 3 [1 minute], Disabled 3 [20 minutes], Resurrection 2 [1 Day]; Feats: Persistent, Regrowth) [12PP] (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy) 


Super-Senses 2 (Physical Condition Awareness; Descriptor Frequency: Very Common; Sense Type: Visual, Default Extras: Accurate, Acute, Ranged; Extra: Analytical; Flaw: Duration (Continuous to Concentration)) [2PP] (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy) 


Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP


Totals: Abilities (12) + Combat (10) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (9) + Feats (10) + Powers (97) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points


DC Block











DC 10 Toughness

Damage [Physical]



DC 25 Toughness (Staged)




DC 20 Fortitude (Staged)

Drain Ability Score



DC 20 Fortitude (Staged)




DC 20 Fortitude (Harmless)




DC 20 Fortitude (Harmless)




DC 20 Fortitude (Staged)




DC 20 Will (Staged)




DC 20 Fortitude (Staged)




Edit (21/1/20): Fluff finished. Mechanics still require to add in changes.



Edited by Silencedfaith
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Constitution: 22 (+6) (+10 from Enhanced Constitution – see power)

Just write "Constitution 22/12 (+6/+1)".



Attack: +0

Not gonna fly.

You're technically sidestepping the house rules about a minimum of 1/3rd of your total attack bonus being from Base Attack by using Perception-range attacks, but no redname is going to let that slide by.

It's not just a mechanical balance issue. It's also a genre convention. In the comics and movies, even "noncombatants" who are important characters to the story tend to do OK for themselves in a fight.



Defense: +7 (+5 Base +2 Dodge), +5 Flat-Footed


Half of your base Defense bonus (not including any Dodge Focus or Shield ranks, just the 2PP-per-+1 stuff), rounded down, is your dodge bonus. That's what you lose when you're caught flat-footed. The Dodge Focus feat and the Shield power (which is really just Enhanced Dodge Focus) add directly to your dodge bonus instead of to your base Defense, so when you get caught flat-footed, they go away too.

You paid 10PP, so you got +5 ranks of base Defense. +2 of that is your dodge bonus, so when you get caught flat-footed, you lose it, and you're left with +3.

So that should read "Defense: +5, +3 Flat-Footed".


Also, with +6 Toughness from your Con and no other source, and +5 Defense, you're not even coming close to hitting PL10 defensive combat caps. That's a really bad idea.



Reflex: +1 (+1 Dex)

Really bad idea to have even your worst save be this low.



Bluff 0 (+4)

Looks like you have +0 Cha and one rank of the Attractive feat (which is just Limited ranks of Bluff and Diplomacy, for 1PP per 8 total ranks instead of the usual 1PP per 4 ranks), this should actually read "Bluff 0 (+0, +4 Attractive)". Same with Diplomacy.



Acrobatics 1 (+2)

Computers 1 (+2)

Craft (Structural) 1 (+2)

Investigate 1 (+1)

Your math is wrong. If you're putting 1 rank into an Int skill, and you have an Int of +2, then it should read "1 (+3)".

Also, with bonuses that low, why bother putting ranks there at all? Look at the DCs listed under each skill in the core book. What checks are you going to make with these bonuses?


Languages (English (Native), Japanese, Malay, Mandarin) 3 (+4)

There's no check or bonus with Language. You speak the language or you don't.



Profession (Cook) 3 (+4)

Craft is probably a better skill for this than Profession, since you're actually making something. "Craft (Artistic)" is the catch-all subskill for things like cooking that the others don't cover.



Attractive I
Improved Initiative II
Luck III

Use Arabic numerals, not Roman numerals. If you only have one rank, don't put any number. Just write "Attractive". If you have multiple ranks, just write "Improved Initiative 2".



Per the house rules, everyone gets this for free. Your PC literally can't die unless you consent to it OOC.


Immunity 10 (Aging; Disease; Poison; Need for Sleep; Fatigue Effects) [10PP] (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

If you took Immunity to Fatigue effects because you thought it would let you use Extra Effort for free, then be aware that it does not do that. It protects you from the Fatigue attack power.



Regeneration 10 (Recover Rate; Injured 2 [standard action], Staggered 3 [1 minute], Disabled 3 [1 minute] Resurrection 2 [1 Day]; Feats: Persistent, Regrowth) [12PP] (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy) 

Why does it take him longer to recover from a Bruised condition (one minute by default) than an Injured condition?




Super-Senses 3 (Physical Condition Awareness; Descriptor Frequency: Very Common; Sense Type: Visual, Default Extras: Accurate, Acute, Ranged; Extra: Analytical; Flaw: Action (None to Move Action)) [3PP] (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

The rednames will probably not approve an action flaw on Super-Senses.



Biokinesis 27 (54PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power ? [62PP] (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

BE: Healing 10 (Feats: Stabilize, Persistent, Regrowth; Extra: Restoration, Resurrection, Total) {53/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

AP: Damage 10 (Extra: Alternate Save (Fortitude), Range (Perception)) {40/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

AP: Drain 10 (Any one Physical ability score; Feats: Incurable; Extra: Range (Perception)) {41/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

AP: Fatigue 10 (Feats: Incurable, Reversible, Selective; Extra: Area (General, Burst), Extra: Range (Perception)) {53/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

AP: Healing 10 (Feats: Stabilize; Extra: Action (Standard), Range (Perception)) {51/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

AP: Nauseate 10 (Feats: Reversible, Selective; Extra: Area (General, Burst), Extra: Range (Perception)) {52/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

AP: Paralyse 10 (Feats: Reversible, Selective; Extra: Area (General, Burst), Range (Perception)) {52/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

AP: Stun 10 (Feats: Reversible, Selective; Extra: Area (General, Burst), Extra: Range (Perception)) {52/54} (Descriptors: Mutant, Life Energy)

Good GOD, Lemon.


You don't have to take that many Alternate Powers. Take HALF that many. You don't need that many exotic attacks. Drain, Fatigue, Nauseate, Paralyze, AND Stun is excessive. I'd take maybe two of those. Remember power stunts! That's the main reason to take ranks of the Luck feat in the first place. Try before you buy!


Selective is an EXTRA on attack powers, especially Area attack powers.


If I were you, I'd stick to single-target attacks in the array, and I'd leave Area versions to power stunts. Just being able to spam Selective Area attacks every round is boring in play, for you and for everyone else. And certain character archetypes like Martial Artists, Weapon Masters, and Costumed Detectives tend to have tradeoffs in favor of Attack over Damage, and they tend to have Takedown Attack, so they're usually better at sweeping minion groups than they are at dealing with hard single targets, which the more "powerful" heroes tend to excel at. Spamming AoEs every round kinda invades their niche.


A common cost-cutting trick with Perception-range powers is flawing the Action down to Full. You probably don't need to move to get within range or to line up the shot.


Unlike extras, which always apply, power feats are optional. Each time you use a power, you can decide which of the power feats you have on the effect you will use and which ones you won't. Knowing that might make you take a second look at some of the power feat options.


If you keep the Drain effect, then remember that Drained traits come back at 1PP per round unless you have the Slow Fade power feat and/or the Total Fade extra.


By default, Healing takes a full action to use, so you can only use it on someone you're already within touch-range of, unless you either 1) move to them, take a standard action to START healing, and then have to wait until your next action to FINISH it, taking two rounds and hoping you're not interrupted, or 2) Use Extra Effort for an additional action in the same round, costing a level of Fatigue (or a Hero Point to buy it off). I would increase the action on Healing to Standard before I bought any other extras for it.

Stabilizing is a DC10 check,  you have 10 ranks, you can't fail, you don't need the Stabilize power feat.

It might be more fun and dramatic to not take the Persistent or Regrowth power feats, and instead, if a chance to use either one comes up in play, use Extra Effort to grab the feat temporarily. Similarly, it might be more fun and dramatic to not take the Resurrection extra, and instead, if the chance comes up during play to resurrect someone, use Extra Effort to gain a temporary AP that's a version of Healing which does have it. Again, POWER STUNTS!


I would consider an AP with Enhanced Strength (and maybe some Super-Strength if you have powers left over), so that, if he's up against foes resistant or immune to Fortitude saves, he can still do something. His fluff seems to suggest that beefing himself up would fall within his abilities. 30PP would give him Enhanced Strength 30, for a total of 40 (+15). If you give him +5 base Attack bonus, then when he's not slinging his Perception-range Fort attacks, he can Hulk up, punch people, and still hit PL10 offensive combat caps (5 + 15 = 20, 20 / 2 = 10). And +5 attack would still work with the "(relative) lack of combat training" you envisioned.


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