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Starting Conditions: Undamaged, 1 HP, fatigued (-2 Str, -2 Dex, -1 attack, -1 defense), will be exhausted at start of round.


Reaction: Spend HP to nix exhaustion, remaining fatigued.


Free Action: Yell at Aquaria.


Full Action: Use "Cursed Clawing Hand" ray again.

1d20+6: 17 [1d20=11]

If that hits, Harbinger needs to make a DC 19 Fort save vs. the Drain Constitution effect, then a DC 24 Fort save vs. the Damage effect.


Ending Conditions: Undamaged, 0 HP, fatigued.

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That's a miss! 


I'm gonna pause our combat till the group inside actually comes out with an IC post. Once you guys do, roll initiative. 

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Octoman's Initiative: 26.


Octoman had the most recent IC post inside, particularly in the "let's go outside" conversation, until just a few minutes ago, so I was trying to let Tiff and Fox respond before posting again.


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Wraith: 27

Sea Devil: 27

Octoman: 26 

Artificer: 19 

Miss Grue: 17 

Harbringer:  17, bruised x3

Theodora: 17

Dalekos: 15, bruised, staggered 


Okay, @Fox, Wraith is up - coming out just to see the fight between Dalekos and the Harbringer, downed Atlantean and Deep Ones floating about, and Aquaria opening up a portal for the Atlantean kid and his semi-unconscious sister? Hard to tell with all the bits. 

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Wraith will....not do much! She'll play escort, and she'll interpose for any attacks that get aimed the Atlantean prisoners' way.

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Sea Devil: 

Sea Devil tries another way of getting Artificer and his sister out of harm's way: 

Trip 12 (The Father's Ocean; Extra: Area [General, Cone], Knockback, Flaw: Range [Touch], PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2, Improved Trip, Indirect 2) {27/28}

OK, that's a DC 22 Reflex save to mitigate/avoid the effects. 

After that, a save vs. the check 

15 = sigh! 

Well at least you know I'm not fudging my rolls! 🐸

Avoid that w/Dex, plz, and don't forget the fatigue penalty. 



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With the fatigue penalties, Artificer's got a total Reflex save of +2.  So he could make it with a Nat 20!

1d20+2: 15 [1d20=13]

That is not a Nat 20.


And the Dex check (with fatigue penalty)

1d20: 18 [1d20=18]


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Move Action: He Taunts Sea Devil.

He'll take 10 with Skill Mastery to get 30 on his Bluff check.

If he wins, she's Shaken for 1 round (-2 to every roll).

Standard Action: He Charges at Sea Devil with an unarmed attack.

His Swimming can launch him 250 feet with a single move action.

He'll All-Out Attack and Power Attack for +2/-2 each.

Attack roll: 30.

If that hits, then it's a DC27 Toughness check, nonlethal damage.


All-Out Attacking and Charging puts him at -4 Defense (+6 / DC16) until his next action.


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Just realized that it may not have been clear - I edited Wraith's action into her most recent IC post back on the 28th.

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