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For a fistful of Tepeyoite

Tiffany Korta

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If anyone wants their character to have prior knowledge about Dirge or his race, I have no objection. They're obscure, but it's not impossible.

If anyone wants to mistake him for some other person or race, I'm cool with that too.


For anyone who wants to leave it up to the mechanics and the whims of fate: I haven't made up an official rep chart for Dirge yet, so for now I'd estimate it's a DC25 Knowledge check to know about the Fryxian race if you're from Lor space or spend most of your time there, or DC20 if you're from Khanate or unsettled/disputed space or spend most of your time there. Maybe as low as DC15 for someone who is or was specifically a bounty hunter by trade, or who was active in the Lor military or government back in the early 2000s. Galactic Lore is the obvious subskill, but for space-natives, History or Tactics would work too, maybe even Current Events (it happened years ago, but it was in "the news" when it happened). The high DC is on account of obscurity, not secrecy. The Fryxus were interplanetary but not interstellar, so they never had any influence beyond their own star system. The Khan specifically made an example of them, so he made sure the tale spread far and wide. He has a high enough bounty on any survivors that a successful hunter could retire comfortably on it (the equivalent of tens of millions of dollars at least), and since the Fryxus kept such detailed genealogical records, the targets are all named specifically. The Lor wound up taking in some refugees when the dust settled, and one (in)famous Lor captain was directly involved (see Dirge's backstory for details). But the genocide happened over a decade and a half ago, so even people who know the story might not know what a Fryxian looks like without looking it up.


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Well, Kath'lana is young (equivalent to 19 or so on Earth), so not likely to know of them from growing up. She might have learned about the genocide while training at the CITADEL, something that might make sense for Star Knights to learn about.


She got a 24 on her Kn: Galactic Lore check, not how you think that might fare.

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