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That does indeed strike true. DC23 Toughness save: 31


Max will use the Blaster Pack, and modify it with Autofire. Attacking Dimensional Thing: 19, overcomes Defence by 3, that's +1 to DMG, so DC22 Toughness: 31.


Seeing the initial ineffectiveness of their attacks, Mars will disperse Ultio suits to the crowd. Ten additional allies per turn.


Dimensional Thing lets loose a shuddering shriek. Max and Justice need to make a save vs an area Intimidate check at DC22.


Max: 30. Unshaken.


Justice is up again. after hero go, the rest will be rolled in.

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Okay opposing DC37 Grapple: 23. Failed by 14 so Pinned and Helpless!


Additional ten Ultio Suit users, assuming a taken 10 on the Initiative, come in on 15. They will go in after Robin now. 


5 use the Blaster Pack, make a Combined Attack: Base is 19. Assistant Attacks: 19, 18. They add +2 to the resulting DC21 Toughness check: 18, failed by 3, a Bruise!


The other 5 choose the Flight Pack and make a Combined Attack of their own, lead Attack: 20, assistant attacks: 15, 18 add +2 to the resulting DC24 Toughness Save: 23. Failed by 1, a second Bruise.


Max Mars Power Attacks(+- Dmg/Atk): 20. DC21 Toughness save: 17, failed by 4, a third Bruise!

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