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Superstrength has a bit of a confusing description in regards to one of it's power feats, or rather it's power feat has a confusing description.

Thunderclap mentions things such as strength bonuses twice in its effect, but it never specifies if it means your effective strength bonus with superstrength for applied pressure or the 'strength bonus' for things like carrying capacity.

I ask for a clarification and decision on one or another, because as it stands I see it making perfect sense for it (The +5 bonus that carrying capacity gets as opposed to the +1 normal strength skills get) to be applied here. It's not applied application of force in a full sense and it's not sustained force, either. It's slamming your hands together in an attempt to make a big as noise as you can.

For that matter, if this is true, I'd think that ground strike'd get the same effect.

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You've already pointed out why it won't work like that: it's not a sustained thing, and Super-Str only applies to sustained applications of strength.

ULTIMATE POWER is fairly clear on this:

Super-Strength power feats often refer to “Strength bonus,” this is

your normal modifier from your Strength score (including Enhanced

Strength), not including any modification from Super-Strength rank

unless it is specifically called out. You can think of some of the

following power feats as Alternate Powers of Strength with Super-

Strength as a prerequisite.

Leviathan's Thunderclap is the same as Dazzle 8 (auditory; Extra: 40-ft. Burst Area; Flaw: Rage/Touch), because 8 is the amount of his Str bonus. It's an instant effect (technically, an instant [lasting] effect), and Super-Strength specifically does not help with instant stuff, only sustained efforts.

Same with Groundstrike -- instant effect, just like any use of the Trip power.

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