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Player Away Thread 2020

Tiffany Korta

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I'm out of town visiting family until Monday/Tuesday. Obviously I have a bit of posting ability, but even more than the anemic holiday rate I'm not posting much right now. 

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I apologize to anyone I'm currently in threads with, but school is kicking my ass this term, and I just do not have the mental bandwidth for posting right now.

By the time I'm done with my work for these classes, I don't have anything left in the tank for creative writing.

I'll check back in when/if things let up.


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Hey guys I'll be able to post again from the 22nd on.  I'll try to make some posts from my phone.  But,  currently I'm having a situation with my personal laptop charger and don't feel comfortable posting from my work laptop.

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Will be around a bit tonight and during the day tomorrow. After that, interaction will be spotty at best for several days. Taking actual vacation...

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