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Thunderbird's gonna do something stupid.


Free Action: Stunt a Drain Toughness off of his array. Keeping it as just Drain Toughness, so I should be able to hit Rank 12 (to match his Lightning) with a +8 Melee to Touch him.

Move Action: Get up in his business

Standard Action: Melee/Touch Attack: 10. Fudge that, HP reroll. 17, which becomes 27 with Reroll. Pretty sure that hits, so a DC 22 Fortitude Save vs Drain Toughness (Rank 12). 

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Okay, Veronica gets a 25 for hers. 


She caught a glimpse of Goanna as he leapt away, as did Octoman, who also saw Goanna land somewhere much further into the zoo.


Dok, Artificer did not see either. It is your action, so you can go while we wait for the other's notice checks.

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Moving us on to (which we may, or may not need):


Round Seven


28 Veronica Danger (unharmed) 4 HP

20 Ms. Thursday (unharmed) 4 HP

17 Octoman (unharmed) 5 HP

14 Chelone (unharmed, fatigued) 3 HP

12 Thunderbird (unharmed) 4 HP

11 Goanna (bruised 3)

9 Rhinoceros (bruised 3, calmed)  

8 Artificer (unharmed, fatigued) 1 HP


Veronica’s Gem Variable Pool: AF: Ranged 2; AF: Melee 2; Acrobatics 8 (up to +19)


Veronica Magic Pool:

1) Immunity: Fear (Extras: range to touch (+1), Burst Area (+1); Feats: Progression: Area +4 (125’ radius burst) [7 PP]

2) Blast 9 [18 PP]

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While still flying about twenty above the ground Astrid is gonna move to the spot Veronica last saw Goanna make a Notice check to spot him.


Notice: 1d20+5 19



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