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Octoman does have to spend that HP for a reroll. The rhino comes close, but does not quite beat Octoman’s grapple check with a 38.


The Rhino gets a 25 on its toughness save, so picks up another bruise.


Goanna gets a 29, so picks up a bruise.


Thunderbird is up! @KnightDisciple

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Chelone's tagging in, whee! 


Gonna scooter over to poor, traumatized Mr. Rhino and touch him (since he is dazed I think she can do this?) and use Emotion Control: Calm to nullify the effect on it and relax it. Her emotion control is not very powerful, but it does have a 25 foot burst radius centered around her, if anybody else is in range. 


The rhino (and anybody else) has to roll better than a 15 to beat the effect. Also, if the rhino beats it and charges her, she has Reflective on her fairly substantial impervious toughness, so it might knock itself out. 

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The Rhino gets a 15 so is partially calmed but not completely under the effect.


Goanna rolls poorly, but still gets a 18, so is fine.


Given the radius and people’s positions before the rhino was thrown, that would catch both Octoman, Ms. Thursday and Thunderbird in the area, so they need to make saves as well! @Grumblefloof @Cubismo @KnightDisciple


Then it is Thunderbird’s turn

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Save Vs Calm: 18.

Free Action: All Out Attack 5 (Defense Bonus is now +9, Attack is +13), and Power Attack 5 (DC for Lightning is now 32, Attack back to +8)

Move Action: Move to about...45ish feet away from Goanna. So about 20 feet up and 20-30 horizontal away? Right triangles, b****es!

Standard Action: Ranged attack with Lightning. 25. DC 32 Toughness Save. 

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Given the radius and people’s positions before the rhino was thrown, that would catch both Octoman, Ms. Thursday and Thunderbird in the area, so they need to make saves as well!


Octoman's Will save (DC15): 21. He officially has no chill.


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Goanna makes a terrible roll, getting a 20 so I will give Thunderbird a HP for a reroll, he then gets a 32, so he is fine.


Goanna is then going to leap up at Thunderbird, easily closing the distance. He tries to grab Thunderbird, getting a 23 on the attack roll so grabbing him. He poor rolls continue as he gets a 36 on his grapple check. But as bad as that is, Thunderbird cannot beat it, so is grappled. NM the part about damage, Thunderbird is just grappled for this round....


The Rhino is recovering from its daze, so it is Artificer’s turn. @Dr Archeville

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Starting Conditions: Undamaged, 0 HP


Free Action: Maintain Force Field

Free Action: Pull (what he believes is) the subsonic fear emitter that Veronica telekinetically yoinked out of the air.

Reaction: Attempt a Knowledge (Technology) check to identify it -- and, more importantly, how to turn it off.

Unfortunately, this is when his unfamiliarity with Surfacer tech is going to bite him in the butt.  From the Guidebook page on Atlantean tech:

In a like manner, Surface World technology -- modern electronics, or even simple combustion engines -- are just as weird and alien to Atlanteans as their techno-magic is to surface worlder engineers.  An Atlantean trying to deal with Surface world technology suffers a +20 DC modifier to their Knowledge (Technology) checks, unless they are also trained in Knowledge (Physical Science), in which case the lesser of the two skills may be used without the +20 DC modifier.

He has no ranks in Knowledge (Physical Science), but he does have Eidetic Memory, so he can make the check untrained.

1d20+3: 11 [1d20=8]

That is not enough to figure out anything about it.  And I'm out of HPs, which means no reroll.  So... HERODITUS SMASH!

Standard Action: Crush puny Surface tech in his mighty Atlantean hands!

DC 17 Toughness save.

IF that appears to do any damage to the device, then

Fee Action: Extra Effort to Surge.

Standard Action: Activate Area Emotion Control/Calm 8 again, and hopefully I won't need to be countering anything, so that's just a DC 18 Will save.

And if I do need to roll to counter, then 1d20+8: 21 [1d20=13]

Move Action: Move 30 feet towards Veronica.

IF Heroditus' mighty hands did not appear to do anything to Fear Master's device, then no Extra Effort/Surging, just moving towards Veronica.


Ending Conditions: Undamaged, 0 HP, possibly fatigued at start of next round (if he got to Surge).

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How is Goanna able to inflict damage in the same turn that he initiated the grapple? Is he surging for another standard action?


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So Extra Effort, Surge, set off another Calming wave (which had better work this time 🤬 ), fatigued at start of next round.


And you mentioned in Discord that Heroditus & Veronica are already near each other, so use his Move action to... not move.


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Well damaging the device means there is no fear effect in this area, so everyone will have to make a Will save vs Artificer’s Emotion Control: Calm effect (DC 18)


Goanna passes with a 22. Veronica passes with a  29.


Fearmaster II passes with a 25 and the Rhino misses with a 16, so combined with the effect from Chelone’s calming effect it is now completely calmed down and no longer aggressive.


This brings up:


Round Five


28 Veronica Danger (unharmed) 4 HP

20 Ms. Thursday (unharmed) 5 HP

17 Octoman (unharmed) 4 HP

15 Chelone (unharmed) 3 HP

12 Thunderbird (unharmed) 5 HP

11 Goanna (bruised)

9 Rhinoceros (bruised 3)  

8 Artificer (unharmed, fatigued) 0 HP

6 Fearmaster II (unharmed, bound and helpless, 2d round suffocating)


Veronica’s Gem Variable Pool: AF: Ranged 2; AF: Melee 2; Acrobatics 8 (up to +19)


Veronica Magic Pool:

1) Immunity: Fear (Extras: range to touch (+1), Burst Area (+1); Feats: Progression: Area +4 (125’ radius burst) [7 PP]

2) Telekinesis 9 [18 PP]


Veronica will use her turn to reset part of her magic pool, replacing the TK with Blast 9 [18 PP] Otherwise she will just talk.


Ms. Thursday is up. @Cubismo

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Thanks to his PL8 power-down, Octoman's Initiative bonus dropped from +10 to +8, so he slips down to 15 in the Initiative order, with Chelone, though he still goes before her since he has higher Dex.


Move Action: Octoman will Feint Goanna. I assume that, since his Elongated tentacles can reach 250ft with 60ft range increments, that he's "in melee".

-5 for doing it as a Move action.

He'll use Skill Mastery to take 10 and get 22.

Reaction: Octoman will cease maintaining the grapple and chokehold on Fear Master.

Free Action: Octoman will swap his Octopus Power array over to the Ink AP.

Standard Action: Assuming that Goanna is less that 25ft away, Octoman will use his technically-touch-range Visual+Olfactory Dazzle effect to spray ink in Goanna's face.

He'll Power Attack for -2/+2, hoping the Feint lands.

Attack roll: 24.

If that hits, it's a DC20 Reflex save to avoid.


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Chelone is going to ride up to Goanna while he is distracted by Octoman and get in close enough to put a shell around Thunderbird. She's switching her array to Create Object 10 and will put a shell over him that is big enough to cover him fully. It is lightweight and Movable, so he can take it with him as a shield and use it for cover if he goes anywhere. 

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I am once more free of being grappled. Thusly, my plan, cunning that it is.


Free Action: All Out Attack 5 (Defense Bonus is now +9, Attack is +13), and Power Attack 5 (DC for Lightning is now 32, Attack back to +8)

Move Action: Move 60 feet straight up. This should still be only half his 1st Range Increment. 

Standard Action: Ranged attack with Lightning. 25, once again. That hit last time, so DC 32 Toughness Save. 

Free Action: Surge/Extra Effort for another Standard Action.

Standard Action: Ranged attack with Lightning. 21. That is apparently good enough, so another DC 32 Toughness Save. 


I'll use an HP next round to avoid the Fatigue. 

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Goanna gets a 23 first go, so will reroll and gets the same thing again, but thanks to the reroll is a 33, so he is fine.


He gets a 28 the second time, so that is a bruise.


Per chat, Chelone used Extra Effort to make the shell for Thunderbird Selective so he can freely attack. Chelone will be fatigued at start of next round unless she spends a HP.

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Starting Conditions: Undamaged, 0 HP, fatigued.


Free Action: Maintain Force Field.

Free Action: Switch Magic Array to Create Object.

Move Action: Move so he's within 15 feet of Goanna & OctoBen (I think they're further apart than that at the moment).

Standard Action: Create Object, creating a 15x5 ft wall stretching from Artificer to the space between Goanna & OctoBen, expanding to a 10x10 ft. wall between Goanna & OctoBen.


It'll only be Toughness 7, which he can probably easily shred through, but time spent demolishing a wall is time not spent demolishing us!


Ending Conditions: Undamaged, 0 HP, fatigued.

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