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So, normally countering would be a power check between the powers, but as you spent a HP, I will just have you counter the fear for Veronica and Micah for now.


BUT, the fear effect is going off again this round, so lets do a power check contest so you can try to continue to counter. The fear effect only gets a 17!

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So, a new threat. Will give the four teens back on the main pathway another HP for the animals that are now a threat to the civilians in the area.


The fear effect is going off again and overpowered the counter, so Will saves for Astrid, Micah, Veronica and Heroditus again. Heroditus will get a +4 due to the use of the loud music to try to counter the effect. (DC 20)


This time Veronica passes the save with ease, getting a 28


Round Two


28 Veronica Danger (unharmed) 5 HP

20 Ms. Thursday (unharmed) 5 HP

17 Octoman (unharmed) 5 HP

13 Tiger (unharmed)

12 Thunderbird (unharmed) 3 HP

8 Artificer (unharmed, fatigued) 2 HP

6 Fearmaster II (unharmed)

5 Apes (unharmed) (unharmed)


Veronica’s Gem Variable Pool: AF: Ranged 2; AF: Melee 2; Acrobatics 8 (up to +19)


Veronica will now change her magic pool to the following:


1) Immunity: Fear (Extras: range to touch (+1), Burst Area (+1); Feats: Progression: Area +4 (125’ radius burst) [7 PP]

2) Telekinesis 9 [18 PP]


So, the burst area immunity will stop the fear effect, so anyone who misses their save will be fine after Veronica acts.


@Cubismo Ms. Thursday is up!

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Will Save: 1d20+12 30


And Astrid makes the second save. She will proceed too:


Free Action: Going to burn a HP to nap Quick Change to get into costume because I totally forgot to do that last round. 

Move Action: Using Flight to move into Touch range with rampaging Tiger.

Free Action: Swapping to Stun AP on her Powers of Porrklubba Array.

Standard Action:  Using Touch Stun on the Tiger. Attacking Tiger: 1d20+12 32. Sweet. Got a nat 20. I imagine that's a crit. If not Tiger still has to beat a DC 18 vs Fortitude. 



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Free Actions: Maintain his Sustained effects (Additional Limbs, Concealment, Morph).

Move Action: Activate Elongation and stretch out his Additional Limbs.

Standard Action: Grapple attempt against the mysterious stranger.

Since he's attacking from concealment, this may be a surprise attack for his target. If it is, then his target loses his dodge bonus and suffers an additional -2 Defense.

After that, however, the Passive Concealment effect ends.

He'll Accurate Attack for +2 Attack / -2 Damage, and All-Out Attack for +2 Attack / -2 Defense.

Attack roll: 16.

If that hits,

Grapple check: 51.


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Yeah, that easily grapples him and even if he rolled a natural 20 on his grapple check, no way he is going to beat that grapple check, so he is bound and helpless!


The Tiger will try to attack Ms. Thursday, but misses with a 8.


@KnightDisciple Thunderbird is up!

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First off...


Will Save: 27. Booyah!

Free Action: Switch High Flier Array to Borealis Blitz

Move Action: Position himself where the 40-foot Burst area would cover the 2 Gorillas and the Tiger

Standard Action: Use his Selective Burst Area attack! It's Targeted, so here's his Melee Attack: 23 vs the Defense of each creature. It's a DC 23 Toughness Save for them if that hits. 

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Okay, as I mentioned in chat, the tiger is too far from the apes to get them all. So assuming you go for the apes, you hit both and they each only get a 9 on the toughness saves, so we will go with both being knocked out.

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Starting Conditions: Undamaged, 2 HP, will be fatigued at start of next round.


Will save for NuFear effect (with +4 bonus)

1d20+10: 21 [1d20=11]



Reaction: Spend HP to nix fatigue.

Standard Action: Set off Emotion Control/Calm again.

Countering check?  If so, 1d20+8: 23 [1d20=15]  w00t

Move Action: Attempt Notice check to try finding source of the fear effect.

1d20+5: 23 [1d20=18]



Ending Conditions: Undamaged, 1 HP.

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The fear effect power check is a 26, so it still manages to overcome Artificer's attempt to counter it.


Fearmaster II cannot do much but talk for the moment.

Although the fear machine continues to send off its effect, Veronica's burst area immunity protects Artificer, Ms. Thursday and Thunderbird (and herself) from the effects.


So this brings up:


Round Three


28 Veronica Danger (unharmed) 5 HP

20 Ms. Thursday (unharmed) 4 HP

17 Octoman (unharmed) 5 HP

13 Tiger (unharmed)

12 Thunderbird (unharmed) 3 HP

9 rhinoceros (unharmed)

8 Artificer (unharmed, fatigued) 1 HP

6 Fearmaster II (unharmed)


Veronica’s Gem Variable Pool: AF: Ranged 2; AF: Melee 2; Acrobatics 8 (up to +19)


Veronica Magic Pool:

1) Immunity: Fear (Extras: range to touch (+1), Burst Area (+1); Feats: Progression: Area +4 (125’ radius burst) [7 PP]

2) Telekinesis 9 [18 PP]


Veronica will try to use her TK on the tiger, just hitting with a 15, so she will make a grapple check, getting a 24. The tiger gets a 25, so manages to wiggle free.


I did not say this before, so will now, Veronica has activated her forcefield now.


@Cubismo Back to Ms. Thursday!

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Let's try this again, eh.


Standard Action: Another Touch Stun against the Tiger. This I'm time going to add Power Attack and All-Out Attack to it. Attack: 1d20+12 30. With the bonuses Tiger now has to beat a DC 23 vs Fortitude and Ms. Thursday is now at 5 Defense. 

Edited by Cubismo
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Since Octoman is no longer using all of his Additional Limbs to grapple his victim, his grapple bonus drops by -4.


Let me know if you want me to make an opposed Strength check for Octoman to move his victim. I assume, however, since he's lifting the guy up above the ground, that the guy has nothing to brace himself against, and thus, no way to resist. And unless he's got a bunch of Density ranks, he's well under Octoman's light load.


Octoman is going to move back out into the open air as fast as he can. His Elongation lets him zip along at 25MPH / 250ft per move action, as long as there's something for him to grab onto and pull himself toward, and he has full Wall-Crawling. But beyond that, he's limited to the normal 30ft per move action ground movement. If it doesn't take both of his move actions for the round just to get outside, then he'll use his second one for Leaping, to get some air, and with it, a bird's-eye view of the situation. He has a standing high jump of 125ft. If he sees trouble, then he'll try to land as close to it as he can.


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Well, looking at his stats, even with your reduced Grapple, you could roll a 1 and he still would not be able to overcome your grapple check, he might be able to improve to the lesser condition (as opposed to bound and helpless), but not worth the roll right now.


I may not have been clear enough, but you are not inside a building, but on a service path for staff that goes behind some of the buildings. So you are already outside. So, with your leap, you can get up into the air and spot Goanna moving along the top of some buildings from an opposite direction towards where the other PCs are. So you can easy get down to the others with your second move.

Go ahead and edit your post if you like.

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Move Action: Fly up into the air, stay in front of the rhino but out of easy reach.

Free Action: Switch Array to Green Lightning

Free Action: All Out Attack 5 (Defense Bonus is now +9, Attack is +13), and Power Attack 5 (DC for Lightning is now 32, Attack back to +8)

Standard Action: Ranged Attack vs Rhino: 16. Not great but rhinos don't strike me as high-Defense creatures. DC 32 Toughness Save. 

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Okay, the rhino gets a 24 on its toughness save, which means it is bruised and dazed. I will give Thunderbrid a HP as it shakes off the daze.


The rhino, not being able to get at Thunderbird charges ahead toward Veronica, but she dodges aside when it gets a 15.


This brings up Artificer! @Dr Archeville

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Starting Conditions: Undamaged, 1 HP


Free Action: Activate Force Field!

Free Action: Call out to team re: device in tree.

Standard Action: Set off Emotion Control/Calm again (third time's the charm?)

Countering check -- 1d20+8: 10 [1d20=2]

Nope, re-rolling that, using last HP.

1d20+8: 24 [1d20=16]


Move Action: ???


Ending Conditions: Undamaged, 0 HP

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This round the fear device gets a 27 for its fear effect, so again overcomes Artificer’s attempt to counter it.


Fearmaster still cannot do anything, so just a wrapping up post for the round and then on to:


Round Four


28 Veronica Danger (unharmed) 5 HP

20 Ms. Thursday (unharmed) 4 HP

17 Octoman (unharmed) 5 HP

12 Thunderbird (unharmed) 4 HP

11 Goanna (unharmed)

9 Rhinoceros (bruised)  

8 Artificer (unharmed) 0 HP

6 Fearmaster II (unharmed, bound and helpless)

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Veronica's Gem Variable Pool: AF: Ranged 2; AF: Melee 2; Acrobatics 8 (up to +19)


Veronica's Magic Pool:

1) Immunity: Fear (Extras: range to touch (+1), Burst Area (+1); Feats: Progression: Area +4 (125’ radius burst) [7 PP]

2) Telekinesis 9 [18 PP]


Veronica will try to spot the object Artificer is trying to point out, with a +4 circumstance bonus due to the assistance. She gets a 23 and spots the object.


Veronica will try to use her mystical TK to pull the device Heroditus spotted out of the tree. She gets a 14 for the initial attack roll so will use one of the HP she has gained to reroll. This time she gets a 20, which is enough to grab the device and pull it free from the tree.


This brings up Ms. Thursday! @Cubismo

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Hmm. It could fly up taking pot-shots at the rampaging rhinoceros or could do something dumb. Let's go with dumb! 


Starting Conditions: Ms. Thursday is at 10 Defense. 

Full Action: Charging the Rhino. Moving double base speed to get into Touch range with him/her. Using Porrklubba's Strike + Dazzle Power Power for the melee attack.  I'm also going to use All-Out and Power Attack. The Charge boosts the Attack by 2 (+10) while Power Attack boosts both the Strike and Dazzle DCs by 5. The Strike DC is now 32 vs Toughness while the Dazzle Auditory DC is now 25 Reflex for the initial save. 25 vs Fortitude for any later attempts to remove the Dazzle Auditory effect. 

Attack (Strike + Dazzle): 1d20+10 20

Ending Conditions: Until her next round Ms. Thursday is at 3 Defense because of the Charge and All-Out penalties. 

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Free Action: Maintain the grapple on Fear Master.

Free Action: Apply a Chokehold to Fear Master.

Full Action: Grapple and throw the rhino, at Goanna.


Full-grown rhinos top out around 2.5 tons. That's a Heavy Load for Strength 40. At Strength 50, Octoman has 10 points more than he needs, two 5-point increments, so his throwing distance goes up two steps on the Progression Table, from 5ft to 25ft. If that isn't far enough to hit Goanna, let me know and I'll have him use Extra Effort to double it.


Attack roll to hit the Rhino with the grapple attempt: 13.

If that fails, Hero Point re-roll: 26.

Grapple check: 42.

If he wins, attack roll to hit Goanna: 30. Natural 20.


If 30 would normally have missed, then the natural 20 hits, and it's a DC25 Toughness save for both the rhino and Goanna.

If 30 would normally have hit, then it's a critical, and it's a DC30 Toughness save for both the rhino and Goanna.


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