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Okay, need Will saves from everyone, DC 20 (unless you have some immunity to fear)



Grumble, I figure that since this is sonic based, OctoBen would be immune.



Olopi, not too late to jump into things. If you can post, please make the Will save for Monica.


Everyone might as well make Initiative checks. Everyone will be getting a HP for all the civilians that are now in danger around them.

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Okay, based on my read of the fear effect, Veronica and Micah are -2 on their Initiative checks, which I take into account below:


Round One


26 (28 if fear removed) Veronica Danger (Effected by fear (1 rd), unharmed) 4 HP

20 Ms. Thursday (unharmed) 4 HP

17 Octoman (unharmed) 5 HP

10 (12 if fear removed) Thunderbird (Effected by Fear (1 rd), unharmed) 3 HP

8 Artificer (unharmed) 1 HP

6 Fearmaster II (unharmed)


So, right now the Initiative is really just to have us in some structured time. At the moment there is not too much that requires it, but that will change at the start of next round.


Also, E and I spoke this morning, and I will been sidelining Danica for the moment (in a suitably heroic fashion). If we are still going with things toward the end of the month when she finishes the bar exam, she will be able to get back into the fight.


I am going to make a quick IC post for Veronica, then it will be Astrid’s turn.

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The tracking rules in the core book are fragmented to nonexistent. Here's my best guess at piecing them together:


The only mechanic provided by the "Track" feat is that you use the Survival skill with it. Other than that, it just directs you to the "Tracking" extra for Super-Senses.


The "Tracking" extra in the core book version of Super-Senses states a base DC10, "modified by circumstances as the GM sees fit" (it does not elaborate), but it doesn't say which skill you're trying to hit that DC10+ with.


The Search entry in the Skills chapter specifically says that the skill works in conjunction with Accurate senses.

Since Octoman's smell is not Accurate, he wouldn't use Search with it.


Notice, on the other hand, specifically covers all of your senses ("Spot" and "Listen" are two listed examples of Notice checks).


The base DC for a Notice check to spot something out in the open is 0, but it's 10 to discern fine details, like hearing the exact words reading the exact text.

Picking up a trail sounds like the latter.


So my guess is that you use Notice with the Tracking extra, and it's no coincidence that the base DC of 10 to pick up and follow the trail is the same as the DC10 to Notice fine details about something.


The "Action" section of the Notice skill entry says it's either a Reaction or a Move action, depending on whether the GM calls for the check or the PC takes the time to try to notice something.


So I think it's a move action to pick up the trail, and then the normal move action to follow it.


I think the penalties to an Investigation skill check to analyze a clue might work for a tracking check as well. The "scene is outdoors" penalty probably shouldn't apply, but the age of the trail and the levels of "disturbance" to the scene might.


Assuming I pieced all that together correctly, Octoman's round looks like this:



Free Action: Activate Concealment power. Become invisible.

Free Action: Activate Morph power. "Put on costume."

Free Action: Activate Additional Limbs power.

Move Action: Notice check to pick up the scent trail.

Take 10 with Skill Mastery to hit DC25, which presumably passes.

Move Action: Follow the trail.


Edited by Grumblefloof
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The D20 SRD has some info on the D&D3.5 version of Track that M&M left out here.


It looks like the usual option of speeding up your task by taking a penalty to the skill check works with tracking in D20 too, specifically -5 to move at full speed while tracking instead of half speed. If that's an option for Octoman here, and if it matters, then I'll take it, since I think 20 would still hit whatever DC he'd need, and 30ft of movement is better than 15ft.


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Free Action: Spend an HP to temporarily get Quick Change.

Move Action: Speed off to a spot somewhere out of view.

Free Action: Change into costume (hooray backpacks)

Move Action: Come back on-scene. 


I'm not going to invoke any Complications yet, and right now he's not doing anything mechanically with the weather. But FWIW, Thev, he's still learning control and he's under a Fear effect. We can play with this for a round or two as you'd like. 

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Artificer's up!


Starting Conditions: Undamaged, 1 HP.


Move Action: Manipulate Item -- secure Astrid's walkman onto his ears and crank the volume.  (Penalties to Notice/Listen checks, bonus to saves vs. sonic effects?)


Free Action: Extra Effort to power stunt an Area Emotion Control (Calm) effect off of his Magic

Emotion Control 8 ("Emotional Purgative"; Extra: Area [Targeted, Burst, 200 ft. radius]; Flaw: Limited [Calm only], Range 2 [Touch]; PFs: Progression [Area] 2 [25 ft. increments])  {6/18}


Standard Action: Activate Emotion Control/Calm effect.


Ending Conditions: Undamaged, 1 HP, will be fatigued at start of next round.


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