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5:30 PM, December 17th, 2019

Riverside, not too far from Riverside Park


It was the week before Christmas, and Freedom City was as calm as one could expect the city to be. It had been snowing, but wasn't right now, and the city was as busy as ever, with people leaving work, looking at Christmas decorations, shopping for Christmas gifts or whatever other activity they felt like doing the week before Christmas.


Pan was leading his friends through the streets of Freedom, heavy shopping bags in his hands. After his first Christmas on this world, he had quickly decided that it was much more enjoyable to do Christmas shopping together, instead of on his own, and so he had managed to bring Lulu, Adam and Veronica along, visiting shops, stores and what have you. 


Now, they were heading towards one particular shop in Riverside at Pan's insistence, a little bookshop called the Never-Ending Story...

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Forever Boy


Two bags full of presents, some wrapped and some not, in one hand, Pan held a small wrapped gift up in the other hand, stretched out towards Veronica, lightly shaking it, with a wide grin on his lips. He was in a pair of jeans, a thick dark green jacket and a red and white Santa hat, because of course he was. "Come now, Veronica! Guess!" He had made a great show out of having disappeared for a short bit earlier, then appearing again out of nowhere, with the gift for Veronica in hand, and well, of course he had to make a show out of it. Would it be Pan if he didn't? The gift wasn't large, a bit larger than his hand, a square box, wrapped in red and green striped wrapping paper, with a white bow.


After finally getting a response or not, Pan would finally pull the gift back and put it back in one of the bags. "Have any of you ever visited the Never-Ending Story? It is a lovely little shop, full of old books. Nice place, if that is something you like, at least."

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Veronica Danger


Veronica was enjoying the opportunity to spend a bit of time Christmas shopping with some of her friends. In fact, it was hard not to be influenced by the excitement and energy Pan tended to bring to so many endeavors. The teenage Danger was dressed in her rather typical attire, only slightly adjusted for the colder weather: khaki cargo pants, grey fleece, a rugged dark green winter parka, and her omnipresent hiking boots.


When Pan returned and heled out the wrapped gift he had gotten for her, Veronica gave him a warm smile. "You really did not need to. But, I would have to guess some sort of jewelry."


At Pan's follow up question regarding the group's next destination, Veronica gave a slight shake of her head. "No, I cannot say that I have, but it certainly sounds like an interesting place. I do enjoy old books."

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