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It seems like, more often than not, it takes the rednames a few days after the beginning of the month to get a new Active Threads thread set up. But I know that some players like me prefer to keep a personal real-time up-to-date running total from Day One. That's what I'm using this post for. Feel free to add a comment here if you want to do the same.


GM: 0 GM posts = 0 IC posts



Dirge: 0 IC posts = 0PP



Mister Strix: 0 IC posts = 0PP



Octoman: 2 IC posts = 1PP

It's Me, Daystar (1)

Tech Compliance (1)


Persephone: 2 IC posts = 1PP, +1PP Guide = 2PP

Even The Mere Reports of Such (1)

Thy Golden Stair (1)


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Punching Up  (1)

Reptile Brain  (0)

Still as Water  (0)

Tech Compliance  (0)

1 post = 1pp


Dead Head [Titanium!]

Bedlam Burning: Beauty and the Beasts  (0)

Everyone Is From Somewhere  (0)

Red Death Redemption  (0)


Doktor Archeville [Titanium!]




Amygdala  (0)

Dead Men Tell No Tales  (0)

Extradimensional Birdwatching Club  (0)

Freaky Fraternity  (0)

Halloween Mall Trip  (0)


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