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Tiffany Korta

Holiday Wishes - December/Janurary Vignette

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This time of year is one for wishes for the year ahead so in honor of this for our latest vignette were looking for the wishes and desires of the heroes of any of the cities, and beyond. You have three choices to base the vignette on, all themed more or less on wishes:


Family Wishes This time of year you want obviously want to spend it with friends or family, things can go good or bad as most family gathering do.

Mask a Wish Your hero gets to help out a fan for the day, it can be tragic or uplifting as things often are this time of year.

Wish for a Wonderful Life? A pesky imp show your what would happen if you didn’t exist or didn’t take up the mantle of a hero. Things could be better or worse obviously.


Please post them here by January 31st 2020.

(As a reminder, vignettes follow the same general rules as posts in terms of content, player character limits, and so on. You may have only one vignette per player character. Each vignette should be at least one page (~500 words) in length; if posted in your thread counts at the end of the month, it is worth 1pp for the associated character. An especially long vignette, 1000 words or more, may be worth up to 2pp. Multiple players can collaborate on a single vignette - we recommend Google Docs for this, it's very useful - but the vignette should be about one page per participating player. )


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