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Granting Attack Bonus/Defense

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I am thinking of my PL6 character right now, and as usual, I am thinking of something unusual.

Right now, I am thinking of having my 'character' be an intelligent weapon of some sort that can boost its possessor's abilities so it can be wielded effectively. I know I can use affects others on my powers to do most of what I want to do, but how about the basic attack and defense (BAB and BDB)?

I was wondering it it were possible, with something like Empowerment(UP) or Boost would work? Or just plain buying it with the effects others ability?

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If the Intelligent Weapon is just an Easy to Lose Device, it can certainly have Base Attack and Base Defense Bonus which affects the wielder.

And that's how I'd suggest doing it, rather than having the 'primary' character be a Construct with no Str, Dex or Con, permanent Shrinking, and assorted Disabilities representing the lack of mobility/manipulation, and the 'wielder' being a fanatical Minion or Sidekick.

Why? For one, it's a lot easier to both play and GM, since it's a lot less clunky a build; the "intelligence" of the Device can be represented with assorted Feats and Enhanced Skills. Two, since Minions/Sidekicks can be at most 1/2 the character's PL, that means they can be taken out a lot easier than the char itself, and without a wielder, the Intelligent Weapon is kinda up a creek without a paddle.

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I have spent some time trying to work this out, and while it seems a cool concept, it is not working out on points well at all. Shrinking is a hell of a concept killer in this system.

Which is why I said don't build it with the Sword being a construct character, build the Sword as a regular Device, and use feats and skills (and possibly some complications) to represent it's intelligence.


Device 6 (Intelligent Sword; Easy to Lose Device, 30 points; PF: Restricted/Only usable by someone with a Charisma of 20+) 19pp

* Enhanced Attack 5 [10]

* Enhanced Feats 4 (Benefit [use Knowledge (tactics) in place of an Intelligence check for the Master Plan feat], Inspire, Leadership, Master Plan) [4]

* Enhanced Skills 24 (Knowledge [arcane lore] 8, Knowledge [tactics] 8, Notice 8) [6]

* Strike 8 (PFs: Improved Critical, Mighty) [10]

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