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20Q/The Interview



So, Soliton, where are you from?

Freedom City, born and raised. The Fens, actually.


The Fens? That’s a pretty poor part of town, isn’t it?

It is, yeah, I grew up with not a lot of money. Just sort of how it goes, sometimes.


Did growing up poor bother you?

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. Mom and dad always said there wasn’t any shame in it, but people make comments when you’re wearing hand-me-downs and clothes with holes in them a lot of the time.


But you can create objects, can’t you? That’s one of your powers. Why didn’t you just make things?

Well, just suddenly making stuff would draw a lot of attention, you know? That’s what mom always said. It would make people ask questions. I mean, I wasn’t happy about it. I always thought I could fix things if I was allowed to use my powers, make things easier for all of us. I got pretty bitter.


Bitter, you say? Did you ever think about using your powers for evil?

I mean, not evil. But yeah, I definitely considered… Okay, I can use a dimensional pocket to store stuff, right? I sort of… I sort of used that to shoplift a few times.


Did you get caught?

Not using my powers, but trying to filch stuff? Yeah. It sort of got me started on the whole path I am on now, where I’m in Claremont and stuff.


Do you feel guilty about it?

Yeah, I do. It caused my parents a lot of stress and it was a bad way to just… act out. I was feeling trapped about not using my powers, and I just… I wanted nice things. But that wasn’t the right way to go about it.


So what are you doing now?

I’m going to Claremont, and doing the whole ‘teen superhero’ thing. It’s a lot different than my old high school, for sure.


How do you feel about being in Claremont?

Honestly? It’s pretty great. I have made a lot of friends, and it’s nice to be able to use my powers openly. It’s a place I feel accepted. Everyone’s a lot nicer than they were in public school.


How about the superhero end of things?

It’s pretty great. I haven’t done much yet, but I really do like helping people. Not to mention I enjoy showing off. That’s a definite plus.


Do you see yourself continuing with superhero work after high school?
Oh, def. Superheroing is a lifelong sort of thing, and besides, probably one of the best outlets to use my powers, you know? Not to mention, being a teleporter, I can help so many people and I feel like that kind of gives me an obligation to at least try, you know?


What are your other plans after high school? College? University?

I’d like to take a gap year, then I want to study chemistry in university. I haven’t picked out a university yet, but it would be cool to leave the city for a bit. I’d like to get my masters, I think. Maybe even a doctorate? But that sounds like a lot of school. Of course I don’t know how I’m gonna pay for all this. Stuff’s expensive.


A gap year? What would you do with that?

I think I’d like to visit Europe. I don’t have to worry about lodging because I can just teleport back home in six seconds, so it’s kind of easy for me to do. I’d probably have to get something like a job though so I could pay for school. But hey, could travel in my free time, which is more than a lot of people could say.


Would there be anyone you’d like to bring with you if you went to Europe?

Well, my parents, but they work too much. Mom works at the book shop and dad has his computer repair shop. Maybe I could bring my babo, my mom’s dad, back to Bosnia and we could see where he grew up. Oh, I could also maybe bring my friend Danica, or maybe Lulu around. I don’t think I’d be allowed to take my friend Judy anywhere since I don’t think her sister would appreciate it.


Have you ever traveled before?

Only once, to Bosnia with my mom and her dad. It’s also the only time I’ve ever been on a plane. Also might be the only time I’ll ever be on a plane, considering, well, you know. Teleporting.


You seem to What would you do if your powers disappeared tomorrow?

EUGH. Don’t even joke about that. I have no idea what I’d do without my powers. They’re… They’re a part of my whole… Me.


Do you feel your powers make you better than people? Just different?

No one’s better than anyone else. My powers make me different, and they come with certain responsibilities, but I just got lucky in essentially a cosmic lottery. There are people who think having powers make them like… entitled to mistreat people, and we call those people jerks.


How do you feel about other people with powers? Aliens?

It’s weird, we’re still kind of finding our place in the world in a lot of ways. The feds tamp down on a lot of us, and there’s definitely still a lot of people who don’t trust us or aliens. But we’re just people, you know?


Would you change anything for meta-humans or aliens?
I’d definitely like for us to be able to use our powers and live more openly. I think that we’re not embracing our potential enough. I’d like to change that.


As a final note, is there any advice you’d like to give your past self?

Just talk to mom about how you feel. She’s more understanding than you think she is, and she will understand how much not using your powers and hiding them away is hurting you.


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