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Vibora Bay: Even The Mere Reports Of Such (OOC)

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Cheval shall do as Cheval does. He's gonna punch it with a Break Strike


AP: ("Break Strike") Add (Extras: Autofire, Penetrating 3; Feats: Knockback 7) to Unarmed [22PP] Enhanced Trait (Improved Critical [Unarmed] 2) [2PP]  {24/24}


In case it matters, all his physical punches got Affects Insubstantial 2.


Attack roll: 25

DC27 TOU + Autofire Bonus if htat hits.

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Free Actions: Maintain her Environment Control and Impervious Toughness effects.

Free Action: Reconfigure her Plant Control array to activate the Fatigue AP.

Full Action: Attack the monster with the Fatigue effect.


The attack may catch the monster flat-footed. She will use the Indirect 3 power feat to make the attack come from behind the monster, and the Subtle power feat to make it less than obvious that she's doing anything. With Subtle 1, it would normally get a DC20 Notice check, or it would automatically detect the power if it has a relevant Super-Sense (in this case, one that can pick up psychic powers). On the other hand, if it has Radius vision, no such luck.


Attack roll: 20.

If that hits, then the monster gets a DC20 Fortitude save now, and because of the Secondary Effect extra, it has to make another save next round on Persephone's action.

(This is assuming that this isn't some undead monster that's Immune to Fortitude effects. One way to find out!)

If that misses, let me know and I'll spend a Hero Point for a re-roll. (And if this thing does turn out to be Immune to Fortitude effects, then I hope I get that HP back for the setback.)


Her Fatigue effect is Distracting, so she's flat-footed until her next action, Defense +5 / DC15.


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