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Kingmaker: Checkmate OOC


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Alright! This is the OOC for Kingmaker: Checkmate


To start us off, here are the stats for the Peregine: 



The Peregine (Vehicle, Space Ship)

Size: Colossal

Strength: 100
Toughness: 12

Features: Navigation 2

Powers: Flight 10, Supermovement: Space-flight 1, Blast 12 (Photon Cannons)


In addition, all heroes gain the power Immunity (Life-Support) from their space-suits. 


Finally, since we have so many players, I will be instituting a 72-hour time constraint for posting to ensure that the thread progresses in a timely manner.


@Avenger Assembled @Electra @Tarrakhash @Exaccus @Heritage @RocketLord @Tiffany Korta

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