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Takeoff...was not fun; it never was. Like having a cat sit on your chest that just gets heavier and heavier until you think it's going to crack your ribcage. But now that they were away from Earth's gravity, it was was somewhat liberating to finally get out of the damn chair. Joining Serena at the window, looking back at the big blue marble, Lynn suddenly burst into song; while not a trained singer, her voice was definitely pleasant. 


"Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles
I'm feeling very still
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go."


Then she stopped and cleared her throat sheepishly. "Sorry."


As the discussion turned to tactics, Grim stood next to Merge. "Yeah, as a fellow member of the Sneaky Contingent, that sounds good to me; having some squishies who can approach from the flank or the rear is often a real plus."

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"Pretty straight forward plan this time eh? Can't say I Object...been itching to knock some heads together since that whole ambush." Slamming his fists together in enthusiasm.


"If you gimme a few seconds I can probably whip up some cover after I grab some MOON POWERS"

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Serena nodded at the plan. "I think that could work out, but you guys better be careful. I don't want anyone else getting hurt on my behalf, especially not up here in space. So if you do run into trouble, we gotta be prepared to regroup as fast as we can."


Looking out the window again, she took the time to regard the earth in greater detail. It was hard to believe everything was all down there, while they were up here. She promised herself she was going to return, her resolve strengthened by the thought of the people she loved back on Earth.


"Alright, then we're all agreed on the plan? The sneaks get dropped off first in the rear, then we go in for an assault?"

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Archer II


"You're the boss." Archer commented from his seat, looking out at the moon ahead of them. "I'm with Merge in the sneaky group, then."


Sneaking, alright. He could do that. Get into a proper position to cause some chaos. He wouldn't mind staying around some of the bigger guns, but he'd manage. This was the kind of thing he had trained for, anyway.


Just not on the freaking moon

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Merge Trois

The second Merge (the disguised Nicki) raised her hand and added an options in there nascent plan.


I can stay on the ship and feed information between the two groups, our link means we can’t be blocked.”


Technically she could probably be with both groups, but she really wasn’t the direct assault kind of person and it would only make anything more complicated for everyone.


I’ll let everyone know when we’re in position then you can go make your distraction. Anything special we’ll need to know whilst we’re improvising?”

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