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Theater District, Freedom City, New Jersey

Tuesday, November 11, 2019

10:16 PM


A cold mist hung in the air of the Theater District in downtown Freedom City as moon rose up into the night sky. Despite the cold, there were still a number of people out on the streets, making their way to some local or another. But the scene quickly changed, as people began to exit the grand Beaudrie Opera House. A few at first, then small groups, and finally a large crowd, as an evening show of Hamilton had come to an end.


Megan Howell-Harrow and Lulu Beaumont were part of the crowd of people exiting the show, stepping out onto the sidewalk and into the cold air. It did not take too long for the crowd to disperse, as people began to scatter in all directions.


As they walked in the direction of where they had parked, Megan looked over at the teenager with a small smile. "So, did you enjoy the show?"

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This was the first Broadway musical Lulu had ever seen live; not a lot of interest in musicals in Southeast Alabama as a rule. She'd absorbed the whole thing with wide-eyed delight. But the show's serious themes were not lost on her, and the final song "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story" would haunt her for a while.


So though there were tears in her eyes, the young redhead was beaming. "Oh, it was wonderful, Miss Megan! The songs, the costumes, and all the wood and brick in the set!" She spun around, and her evening dress and coat appeared to change into a flowing period ball gown like Eliza wore singing "Helpless", and she hummed the tune as she did her best to mimic the choreography. Megan knew from expereience that Lulu was always careful to keep such mental illusions between herself and her friends.

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Through the show's performance, Megan could not help but feel Lulu’s enthusiasm and enjoyment. There were still so many things that were a new experience to the teenager, and Megan was glad she was able to provide Lulu with these sorts of opportunities.


The blonde woman smiled as Lulu used her illusions to copy one of the costumes used in the musical. "I am glad you enjoyed it. We will have to keep an eye out for any others that are coming that you might want to see. Perhaps one you might want to see with Adam."


Now that the show was over, there was a bit more of a chance to talk than there had been as they made their way to the car. "So, how is the new year going so far?"

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Oh, they're doin' a Beetlejuice musical on Broadway right now! That might be fun!" And now she went all Lydia Deetz, complete with black hair and blood red wedding dress. After a few more playful spins, her face and tone grew more serious.


"It's been good; more stuff is startin' to stick." She comically thumped the side of her head. "Math is gettin' a lot easier, which is good. Adam's been helpin' me study, and ah mean like actually helpin' me study." She got a little pink in the cheeks at the implications of her joke. Suddenly she got very excited and grabbed both of Megan's hands, the illusionary garments now forgotten. "Oh, ah meant to ask you; can Adam come by for Thanksgivin'? Ah haven't said anything to him yet, 'cause ah wanted to ask you first!""

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Megan was very glad to hear that things were going more smoothly for Lulu academically this year. There had been a few rough patches last year, but it sounded like the teen was starting to develop some good study habits, with some help from Adam. The blonde woman had the faintest hint of a smile when Lulu’s correction that Adam truly was helping her study.


A true smile came to her face as Lulu squared off with her and asked if Adam could join them for Thanksgiving. "Of course, he is more than welcome to join us." She replied. "Robert and I would enjoy having a chance to meet him."


Before Lulu could respond the relatively quiet night air was broken by the increasing sound of police sirens. A few moments later a pair of police cars came wiping around a corner to speed down the street past the pair. Megan’s smile slipped away as a more serious expression came to her face and her gaze followed after the two police cars.


As the police cars began to slow at an intersection a few blocks ahead, a bright beam of energy streaked from off to the right, striking the lead police car in the side and sending it spinning out of control across the intersection before it slammed sideways into a building. Before Lulu fully registered what had just happened, she found herself in a nearby alleyway, Megan right in front of her still holding both her hands.


"Is your Claremont uniform back in your dorm room?" Megan asked, her tone as serious as Lulu had ever seen her. No sooner had Lulu nodded when Megan became a blur of movement and there was a loud WOOOSH and she was gone.


A split second later there was another WOOOSH and a yellow blur and a figure Lulu had seen on the news or in magazines was standing in front of her holding out the teen's uniform.


"I brought you a mask as well." Said Velocity, the yellow clad speedster of the Freedom League. "While you change I will get the police clear and be right back."

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  • 4 weeks later...

It was interesting how different Lulu's life had become since she'd come to Claremont; a few years ago, the sound of police sirens would have been no big deal, or might have even led her to pull up her collar to hide her face. Nowadays, she found herself tensing for action when she heard them. "Hey I think something might be-"


"Goin' on. Oh!" Now finding herself in the alley, the young telepath nodded in understanding at the familiar form of Velocity; all the odd near-miss accidents at the Harrow house now made a lot more sense. "Uh, thanks! Ah'll suit up over here." Finding a dark corner of the alley, Lulu took no chances as she made herself disappear from human sight. Soon after that, the still-invisible teen jogged over to where the cop cars had been, trying to get a sense of what was going on as she sent a psychic message to the speedster.


-Ah'm having a look 'round, Miss Megan. Ah'm stayin' out of sight right now.-

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As Lulu went to go get changed, Megan was off once more in another blur of movement, zipping over to the police car that had not been attacked. She came to a quick stop near the driver’s side window, waiving to get the attention of the officer behind the wheel.  "Pull back to the next intersection and set off a cordon. I will get the other officer's clear." She called out, making sure the officer had understood and started backing the patrol car up before zipping over to the damage police car.


In short order she had extracted the two officers from the vehicle, who were a bit banged up, but did not seem seriously injured. Leaving them with the two offices in the second car, she then headed back to the direction of that the energy blast had come from as she received Lulu’s mental message.


-Great, just be sure that you remember to use Velocity if you speak out loud.[ The speedster though in return to the teen telepath.


Easily catching up with the teen, Velocity rounded the corner of the intersection where the police car had been attacked and started in the direction of the blast. In moments she took in the entire area, helped in part by her high-tech goggles. Coming around the corner, it took Lulu a few more moments to take in the scene, but it was not difficult to spot what was going on.


In the middle of the street near the next intersection was an armored car that had been flipped over. Two figures were standing near the vehicle, both standing out, but for rather different reasons. One figure was a bulky, towering figure easily over seven feet tall. He appeared to be dressed in some sort of dark grey armor that covered his entire body. On either side of his helmet was a curved, golden horn, much like those of a ram.


The other figure was of normal height, but dressed in a costume that was primarily a blueish-green, but with sections of white and black, including on the long cape he wore. A similar blueish-green light seemed to surround him as he looked at the overturned armored car.


"Let's hurry up Bighorn, more police will be here soon, no telling when a local hero might show up." Stated the figure in green.


"You mean like me?" Velocity asked as she sudden appeared leaning up against a nearby parked car. "You know, you two can save yourselves a lot of hassle by just giving up now."

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  • 4 weeks later...

Preferring to stay invisible for the moment, the teen telepath got within about fifty feet of the duo before sending another message Velocity's way.


- I'm nearby. I'm just going to do a quick mental scan for a little intel. -


Then she reached out with her mind and, with the lightest touch, gently ran her mental fingers in ripples across the surface of the caped man's thoughts. 


Let's have a look at what makes you tick...

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