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Punching Up


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Claude frowned and softly sighed at the two pulled punches,  "Slick moves from a man outta time." he complimented quietly to Benny before tapping the larger teen on the arm admitting his capitulation.  


"Allright, ya got me," the Southie admitted easily, straightening fully upright after being released from the clench. 


"But givin' me little options by cornerin' up means I can't do nothin' about your better reach and I can't use footwork like I'd prefer to. Had to ape your style to close the gap effectively without eatin' a combo to the kisser." The Bostonian explained, not seemingly concerned about getting made an example of.


"Plus, I was tryin' to sucker ya into thinkin' I was goin' to keep repeatin' the liver shot to make you complacent and drop your guard. Didn't work, but them's the breaks." Claude grinned.


"Sides, if I wind up with only my fists available against a guy like you then I've royally screwed the pooch and deserve what's comin' to me for bein' a dumbass."  Satisfied with the outcome, Claude stepped off the mat and let someone else have a go while Benny hammered the importance of fundamentals again.  




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"Noooooooot the point.  Jesus wept all yous guys..."  He sighed a little bit, frustrated, before he sucked in air through his teeth.

"Ya crawl, then walk,  then run an' jump guys.  I beat someone, then it's entirely because I don't screw up my foundations, not because I am comparin' myself to anyone. An' I said all youse guys can do whatever ya want to try and get me."  He moved to stand beside Claude and pressed his thicker arm to his, "I ain't got longer arms'n'youse."

Stepping away Benny put his hands on his hips.  "It's like learning how ta write an' paint good, ya gotta do it, and do it, and do it. Norm Rockwell wasn't doing his best at the start, ya?  Just watch? Okay?  All youse guys watch."

He threw the two jab and hook combo, "Here is the base. So now what? Now we do like Coltrane, or Mile Davis..."  He threw the combo again, but he stepped forward and around his perceived target, the hook dropping to do right at the floating rib area.  "Improvise!"  The next was a jab, with a fast stance switch that was slicker than butter that led to the new leading hand jabbing, and then throwing a hook with that hand.

Lifting his hands he stepped back, "But, ya don't get there until ya don't just know how to throw a punch, ya get there when ya gut guides it. If ya thinkin' it out, it wont end well. So..."

He moved back to the corner and leaned against it dramatically, as he looked back to Claude, "If they turtle up, and are in an advantageous position what do ya do Baked Beans?"


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