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The Pinball Wizard Strikes! OOC

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@Darksider42: Give me a DC20 Reflex Save to react in time and get away before the cage falls. If you fail, that's a DC25 TOU save vs. the spikes below.

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Posted (edited)

Archer fires an arrow with an Area Snare effect to target the arms keeping the cages attached to it. No need to roll, he makes that shot with no issue.


The arms still try to drop, and they're a bit heavier than Ben expected, but he can hold them.


And there's trouble incoming! A ton of small flying bots that swarm the area to zap everyone! Count is as an Area effect: DC20 Reflex, then a DC25/DC20 TOU save to avoid taking damage, and a DC20/DC15 Fort save vs. Stun.


The flying bots can be targeted by area attacks or appromixation of such (like, say, swinging a long tentacle arm), since they're more or less flying all over.


If Ben gets stunned he will let go of the cages, and the Snare will have to make a DC20 TOU save.


6 people to save, can't get them all out at once.


Archer save: 19

So close, but he's got Evasion 2, so still half effect.

TOU: 19

Fort: 23

No damage or stun for Archer.

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Octoman's Reflex save (DC20): 29.


Octoman's Toughness save (DC20): 11.


Octoman's Fortitude save (DC15): 21.


EDIT: I forgot that he has Evasion, so that Reflex save should result in no damage instead of half, so I shouldn't have rolled those other saves.


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Spectres Reflex Save: 17

Lets hope she can survive this.

Toughness Save: 18 is not enough
Fortitude save: 16 is not enough

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Octoman uses his ink cloud power, so for the next four combat rounds, a 20ft diameter spherical cloud obscures the cages.


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Posted (edited)

Archer's Initiative: 21


Pinball Wizard's Initiative: 23


That's some rolls initiative for all involved!


A group of three silvery ball shaped robots with cannons on top rolls in and fire at Octoman in the ink: 11 13 18

One hit, miss at 11+ from Obscure: 18

All miss!


The Stun Bots are flying around in a big swarm, but doesn't attack this round


@Darksider42 you're up with an IC for your dazed, then its me with Archer.


@Grumblefloof: You'll need to divert at least some, if not all, of your attention on not dropping those cages.


23 - Pinball Wizard & His Toys - Unharmed

- Swarm of Stun Bots

- Group of Pinball Bots

21 - Spectre - 1HP - Bruise (x1), Dazed

21 - Archer - 4HP - Unharmed

20 - Octoman - 5HP - Unharmed

Cages: Obscured for 4 rounds, held by Ben and Area Snare, dropping to the pit!

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Archer's snare will hold the cages some, but it can't hold all the cages up on its own for long. Unless you're willing to let cages drop, you need to use some arms to hold them up, or to get the cages or the people in the cages away from the pit. There's currently 6 cages with people in them.


The cages won't drop immediately if you stop supporting them, but they won't last long, especially not if the Pinball Wizard interferes.

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Yep, but in case there's other things you want to do, like attack and such.

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