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The Pinball Wizard Strikes! OOC


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@Grumblefloof I hope its alright that I assume that Octoman moves in semi-close along with the others, just to move things along a bit faster.


A Hero Point to each for the man's attack auto succeeding, and another Hero Point for Octoman for not being able to hear the Pinball Wizard once they're moved.

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Since everyone noticed the warning, its a Reflex 17 save to get out of the way of the ball, which will otherwise be a DC22 TOU save.


If you want to try to stop the ball with an effect with an appropriate descriptor, then let me know for an opposed check, but it will be moving fast and it is heavy, so it won't be easy.


Everyone should be able to clear around the corner to get out of the way, where, if they move to the side, the ball will pass them harmlessly. Description of that area, if you go there, coming in next GM post.

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Having made his Reflex save, Octoman activates his Insubstantial 1, spreads himself against the side wall like putty, and lets the ball roll past him, unless it looks like one of the other PCs is going to get hit. Then he'll try to either take the hit in their place or stop the ball, whichever is feasible.


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