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From her position on the floor, Spectre leapt to her feet. She seemed ready to teleport into action when the mass of drones came from some unseen compartments in the ceiling above. The arcs of electricity were faster than her ability to dematerialize and soon the teenager was on her knees screaming in agony as her muscles twitched and spasmed against her will. Her mind could not focus enough to allow her to sidestep this pain.

"Fuu...Mothe...Help." She managed to squeak out between jolts of electricity.

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"HEY! WHOA! HELLO! YOWSA!" Octoman bobbed and weaved, and stretched and contorted his body in ways which made his lack of a rigid skeleton obvious, dodging the barrage of tiny lightning bolts from the swarm of mechanical bugs. "BLUE!" he yelled when he saw his fellow student get zapped. "YO SHERWOOD!" he shouted down at Archer. "Can we get some artillery up here?! I can't fight AND hold these...hey, wait! I got an idea! CLOUD COVER!" He streted the tentacles that were stuck to the ceiling, lowering himself to just above one of the cages, and then aimed an open palm at the cage's roof. An orifice flexed open in his palm, and a blob of black ink squirted out. The ink dissolved in the air, quickly surrounding the cages in a thick black cloud. "Can't hit what you can't see! Probably!"


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"If you guys don't wanna play by the rules, then I'm gonna break 'em too, muchachos!" The wasp-like robots flew around in their swarm, circling away from the group and grouping closer together for the moment. At the same time, a trio of shiny silver balls, each roughly 3 feet in diameter, rolled out from around a corner,  coming to a stop a short distance away from the pit and the cages.


"Maybe you're hidden in all that black goo you shot out, and that's pretty disgusting by the way, but hey, I'll take the shot anyway! Just remember, you put everyone here in danger when you didn't wanna play!" 


1 foot long barrels extended from the silver balls, quickly firing yellow energy blasts into the cloud. At least none of them hit their mark.

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