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Watchdog's Rogues

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Eiros and Charmion: Eiros and Charmion are Stellarians; rather young ones given their interest in Terran civilization. Upon learning (by accessing Lor records for a lark) that their 'little sister' lies trapped within a mortal shell on this planet, they've taken a great interest in looking for Daystar. When they choose to, they resemble pretty, slightly androgynous siblings with fiery gold hair and brilliantly blue eyes - when not, they look like swirling plasma in a vaguely humanoid shape. They love light - and the fire it brings. They address each other as "dear sister" and "dear brother". 


Gelb Herzog: Wolfgang von Kempelen was a German mad scientist who invented a gun that could turn anything to gold - anything he wanted! Smarter than many of his breed, he used his gold gun to turn things to GOLD and sold them for CASH. But things got a little out of hand and the Raven brought him in about ten years ago, with help from the young heroine Copycat. Technically busted for counterfeiting for trying to make his own gold coins, "The Gold Duke" is due for release on parole soon, and he still knows how to make that gold gun...


Monos and Una: Monos and Una like to say they're Thần-Thiên, 'heavenly angels', come from beyond the Veil to bring knowledge about what lies beyond the Veil of Death. But that's not true; at least we hope it isn't. A ritual summoned them to Earth during the last days of the Vietnam War, and they brought knowledge and enlightenment to whole villages then. But then the war ended and the new government sent troops against them - first soldiers they could teach things to, then more soldiers, then specialists against their kind. They fled the country after that, and eventually settled in America. They look a bit like very handsome East Asians who dress in black outfits, albeit with shining white wings when they unfold them. Monos uses magic. Una uses knives. 


Scheherazade: Scheherazade is a scientist from an alternate history; a world where science and culture came to her native Arabia a century or two after the birth of the Prophet, and soon spread around the world. By the time she was born in what was to her the year 1198; human civilization had uplifted everyone into perfected versions of themselves. She herself is a genetically engineered cyborg with heightened senses, strength, and beauty, with a passion for a slightly anachronistic take on Arabian fashion. She's not quite a villain despite what seems to be substantial energy-manipulating powers and the occasional clash with superheroes for "experimental purposes" - but she doesn't care much about us either. When she makes an appearance, it's because something _big_ is about to happen to our strange, dysfunctional universe. It's going to make a really great story when she gets back home. 




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