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Archer Glad I Didn't Say Banana? [IC]


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November 3rd, 6.45PM, 

Out the back behind Golden Calf casino, Southside, Freedom City


Wherever the kids in the red bandana masks and 'C' letter jackets had gotten the energy gun, it knocked the armored truck clean over and blasted a body-sized hole through the back. The wrecked vehicle skidded across the parking lot on its side, bills blasted loose billowing out of the smoking hole, propelled into the air by a fire set to the bales of green cotton.


The guards scrambled out of the cabin, shaken but unhurt as they drew their weapons, only to be driven off by an energy blast detonating the ground in front of them.


Darting out of their hiding places, the C's swarmed across the parking lot and tore open the rear door, hauling out stacks of the cash intended for the Golden Calf towering and blazing with yellow lights above them. Money poured into duffel bags, the kids adroitly avoiding the burned or burning cash.Aside from the bulky, crude energy gun that looked like it had been made out of junkyard parts, for reasons any Freedonian could figure out they weren't armed. Besides the crowbars and fairly good upper-body strength.


Archer could hear them laughing and joking below. They sounded younger than he did, for the most part. The only exception was the one carrying the energy gun, also the only one unmaked. He looked like he was in his mid-20's, stout and sober, keeping a careful eye on the gang's surroundings.

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Archer II


Red bandanas. 'C' letter jackets. Those kids seemed dressed for the part they were playing, at least. Connor sat perched on a rooftop above, watching and waiting for the right moment. He wasn't a big fan of the Golden Calf Casino, but they weren't just stealing money from the rich, they were taking money from the employees, too. That made it Archer's business, at least.


The kids he could probably handle, but the man with the big gun, now that was something else. It had torn through the armored truck with one blow, knocked it over, too. Not an easy feat. Some kind of weird energy, but it seemed big and bulky. The man operating it was an obvious first target. He kind of doubted the kids could even lift the thing. The big question was how the kids would react if he took out the big guy. Would they stick around and fight or would they scatter? Use an explosive and the cash would be ruined, too. No need for that.


Fine then. Standing up straight, Connor picked and arrow and took aim, then let it fly into the middle of the group where it would explode into a brilliant lightshow.

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The light raged, sizzling and blooming as the boys below cried out in pain. Most of them fell, convulsing, but the man with the crude blaster managed to stay on his feet, if unsteadily.


Casting about, the man punched some switches on the cannon and tossed it to the ground beside the younger C's, where from the barrel emerged a hissing dome of energy that covered the thieves and the armored car.


That done, he set off at a dead run into one of the alleys, vanishing into the shadows.

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Archer II


That took care of most of them. All but one, the man with the weird blaster. Great, things couldn't be easy, could they? Connor reached for another couple of arrows, leaned over the building and... what the hell was that guy up to? Clicking away on the gun, then throwing it on the ground, and then it made a force field of some kind? Since when did the C's have tech like that? The man ducked away into an alley, but c'mon, there had to be more to it than that. What else did he have?


Wait, then. Arrows ready to fly, see if he popped up, or if he just ran.

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