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"Mother always wanted another psychic, but none of us were. On the one hand, I am envious that both of you have that link to your predecessors, when the only person I resemble is my blood-father Lavernius. But the way it has marked you both, closing as many doors as it has opened...perhaps we were lucky." 


"Would you like me to help you discover more about these 'Stellarians', Judy?" Leroy looked entirely serious. "Mia, would you object to my delving into the origin of this crystalline substance with you? Even if the answers are not dramatic, they could still reveal much."

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"Sure," said Judy before Ashley could object. "Ah mean, they're not the best people from what Ah hear," her face tightened, ever so slightly, "but nobody knows much about them." 


"What happened to your father, Leroy?" asked Ashley. 

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