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  • 2 weeks later...

That hits and to spare. DC24 Toughness: 15. So Injured and Dazed. Sun Dragon and Leroy are Bound and Helpless and must make Strength checks to break the multi-layered Snare. Starting Toughness 15, successes reducing it to Toughness 0 break the effect and let everyone bust out. Spectre can attempt to lower this DC by fighting the gant horde of animated costumes who, at every roll, success or failure, attempt to raise the DC by 5. A successful Attack roll vs DC20 forestalls the costume ghosts.

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  • 1 month later...

And after weeks of suspense, the result!


And that is not vs their toughness, but rather to block their attack(as there are functionally infinite ghostesses), so no damage but that does prevent them raising the DC on the Snares. 


Sun Dragon tries to tear free of his'n, STR score giving a Damage DC of 25: 19 Toughness roll, so reduced to TOU 4. 


The Ghosts try again! Again, if they get past they will raise the TOU by 5 of each Snare. 


The Skull will revive in three more sets.

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