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Puppy Love (OOC)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Fun fact, the smartphone app which alerts Octoman to loud noises is real. It's called BeWarned.


Octoman's mobility is nothing compared to Soliton's, but in case you need the specifics as to how he gets around:

  • Elongation 6 allows any of his tentacles to stretch up to 250ft long as move action. If he wants to, he can have one elongate until it hits something, stick to that something with his Wall Crawling, and then "snap it back" down to its original arm's length as a free action, dragging him there. 250ft per move action in any direction is roughly equivalent to Flight rank 2.
  • His Leaping power (and Swimming AP) comes from internal bladders which collect, compress, and violently expel bursts of air. So yes, it's basically super-farting. From a "standing" start, he can launch himself in a 250ft long, 125ft high arc, also roughly equivalent to Flight 2, at least in terms of raw speed. If one or more of his tentacles are extended to their 250ft maximum length, then, along with his Wall Crawling, they give him plenty of options for stopping or redirecting his leap.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Attack roll with Octoman's Dazzle effect: 21.


If that hits, it's a DC20 Reflex save.


If that fails, then he's blind and anosmatic until next round, when he starts getting DC20 Fort saves once a round to shake it off.


EDIT: Also, the range on that Dazzle effect is only 25ft, so Octoman is within a single normal move action of the bad guys.


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Move Action: Octoman tries to Taunt the boy.

Bluff check: 20.


If that succeeds, then the boy is Shaken for 1 round.


Standard Action: Octoman uses his Dazzle attack against the boy again.

Since it's technically a Touch-range attack (it just has some ranks of Extended Reach), he'll do it as part of a Charge, using Leaping to move closer to the boy.

That gives him +2 Attack for this roll, and -2 Defense until his next turn.

He'll All-Out Attack for another +2 Attack and -2 Defense.


Attack roll: 22.


If that hits, then that's a DC20 Reflex save for the boy.


Octoman's Defense is +6 (DC16) until his next action.


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It is exactly a 20 on his counter bluff. And now his reflex save... 30. Oof. Sorry, Ben.

He's going to go ahead and move into his alternate form. It is Gaseous with a bit of a twist! The powers that are immediately obvious to Ben and Mia are Insubstantial 2, Flight, but no obvious concealment. In fact, he smells pretty toxic. Don't breathe him in! 


Now annoyed, he is going to try and blast Ben with some of his gas! This is a Drain Constitution 10 effect with the ranged and general area [cone] descriptors, meaning that Ben needs to make a DC 20 reflex save to hold his breath, and if he fails that, a DC 20 Fortitude save, or he will lose 1 point of Con per point of DC he's missed. 

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Alright! Ben successfully avoids breathing in the doomfart. 


The young lady, however, is going to make a quick notice check. 15, which means she sees Mia who isn't even hiding. Rather than gang up on Ben, which might be the better idea, she is going to throw herself at Mia with a leap, and then attempt to punch her. 22 to hit. That's a direct hit on Mia, who must now make a DC 27 toughness save. 


20. Oof. I'm gonna try and use one of Mia's hero points, and... 25. Bruised, but not dazed! 


Mia, incensed at this, is going to go on and teleport off to another building and try and blast this lady. 11. That's a miss. 


Once I get my IC posts up, Octoman is back up.

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Free Action: Octoman uses Extra Effort for an additional standard action this round.


Reaction: Octoman spends a Hero Point to edit the scene and establish that he happens to be standing next to a fire hydrant.


Standard Action: Octoman kicks the fire hydrant he's standing next to, dislodging it from the street and turning it into a free-flowing geyser.


Assuming you have objects take 10 on Toughness saves like they normally do, "stone" is Toughness 5, so the sidewalk around the hydrant gets a 15, and Octoman's +10 Strength is DC25 damage, so it fails by 10 and is Disabled, which should be enough to put a hole where the hydrant used to be. The hydrant itself is either iron or steel, Toughness 8 or 10, so it only suffers an Injury.


Full Action: Octoman attempts to grapple and "throw" the burning kid, as part of a Charge (Leaping for the movement).

I put "throw" in quotes because he's grabbing her with his tentacles and, while he's throwing her full-force, he's not planning on actually letting go of her. The tentacles are long enough to keep ahold of her even after she's gone the distance.


Since he's Charging, that's +2 to this attack, but -2 Defense until his action next round.

He'll also All-Out Attack for another +2 attack / -2 Defense, and Accurate Attack for +2 Attack / -2 Damage.


He can do a 125ft vertical jump from a standing start, and his tentacles are elongated to 250ft, so if she's within 375ft of the ground, he should be good.

But his tentacles have a range increment of 60ft, so if she's further away than 185ft, he'll take some range penalties.


Attack roll: 24.


If that hits, then, I assume he'll have to make some kind of saving throw against her fire aura.


Grapple check: 40.


If he wins the opposed grapple check, then he throws her directly down into the geyser.

Presumably, that also means she smacks into the street around the hole, which would be a DC25 Toughness save for her and for the street, from his +10 throwing damage.

The street would, as before, fail by 10 and be Disabled, so she'd leave a crater or punch a hole or something, whatever you'd wanna do.


The main idea, though, is to try to counter her powers, assuming that's possible. Unless you want to handle it some other way, the usual mechanic is an opposed power check (or a Will save for her, whichever is higher), with the water having whatever effective power rank you see fit to assign it.


He's down a Hero Point, he's at Defense +6 (DC16) until his next action, and he'll be Fatigued at the start of his next action.


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Alright, that is a hit, so let's see her grapple check: 15. She is so grappled. Toughness save from her: 34. She's pretty tough, being made of metal and all. 


Octo-Ben also needs to make a DC 23 Toughness Check. 


Now, let's do a powers check between her and her fire aura: 9 from her, and 14 from the fire hydrant. Octoman's gambit has paid off, she's extinguished! 


Now, Gabe's pretty mad that you just smacked his girlfriend into the dirt. So mad, in fact, that he's going to concentrate his gas into a liquid spray of toxic acid at Octoman... And he misses at 13.

Angela's powers are mostly nullified atm, which is a major shock to her. She's going to try to reignite herself, only to find herself unable for the round. So instead, she is going to call to Gabe, and try to flee instead. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

Alright, to cap things off, Mia is going to attempt to use Create Object to contain our gaseous friend with a big gas canister. That's a DC20 Reflex for him to avoid, so... 22. Then it's Ben up again.


To recap, Angela is semi-depowered and attempting to flee, it looks like Gabe is about to do the same, and Mia has attempted to contain him but failed. 

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I might be misreading them, or the last couple of IC posts might need a bit of editing. Octoman never let go of Angela. Until she escapes the grapple (see the house rules), or something else breaks his ability to take the free action each round to maintain the grapple, she's still physically Helpless. So she can power down, sure, but she can't run away.


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Reaction: Octoman burns another Hero Point to stave off the Fatigue from last round's Extra Effort.

That's 2HP down, and he started at 4HP, so unless he earned some I've forgotten about, that leaves him at 2HP.

Free Action: Octoman maintains the grapple against Angela.

Move Action: Octoman attempts to Taunt Gabe.

Bluff check: 21.

If that works, then he's Shaken for 1 round (-2 to all rolls, including saving throws).

Standard Action: Octoman inflicts his Strength damage on Angela.

That's a DC25 Toughness save.


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  • 1 month later...

Gabe rolls to counter - 23. He's safe. FOR NOW.


Toughness save from Termita: 31. Still a tough lady. 


I am going to give both characters present a hero point as I alter the scene to the bad guys' benefit. Now, a cop has been observing quietly, and Gabe has just noticed him. Wanting to go tit-for-tat, he envelops the officer and begins forcing his smokey self into the guy's lungs. Let's see if the cop can avoid the doomfart. As expected, he does not, with a 14. He makes his fort save... 10. 


Well, police officer's constitution isn't doing very well. 

Angela isn't going to do much beyond let her boyfriend know that he's proooobably going too far? 

Soliton is going to remember she's a teleporter and is thus going to teleport down, grab the officer, and then yoink him out of there. And I just confirmed AoO don't exist so that's pretty neat and doesn't ruin any plans I have at all.

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  • 3 weeks later...


Free Actions: He maintains his Sustained effects (Additional Limbs, Elongation, Morph).

Free Action: He maintains the grapple, and also applies a Chokehold.

Reaction: He burns a Hero Point for Heroic Feat, to pick up Distract (Bluff).

Standard Action: He attempts to Distract Gabe.

Bluff check: 30 (He takes 10 with Skill Mastery).

That's opposed by Gabe's Bluff, Sense Motive, or Will save, whichever is higher.

If Gabe loses, then he's Dazed for one round.

Move Action: I got nuthin'.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Gabe's counter bluff is 14, which means he is dazed. 


Angela struggles but mostly just does nothing. 


Soliton will attempt another enclosing of Gabe in a big old tube. Gabe attempts reflex, and... 13. Since that was a DC20, Gabe is now stuck in the giant tube with only his fumes to keep him company.

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