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Bored With Space (OOC)

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Watchdog: 11

Daystar: 15


Baddie 1 (back door?7

Baddie 2 (front door?7


So we've got: 

Infinity: 15

Daystar: 15 

Watchdog: 11 

Baddie 2: 7

Baddie 1: 7 

Baddie 1 was unfortunately flying out of range when Ashley chucked her grenade - unlike him, she used  a smaller charge since she has to care about collateral! 

He's readied an action to shoot anybody who comes out the back door with his laser! 


http://orokos.com/roll/766001 = 28! 


That hits Watchdog - who luckily isn't flat-footed because she has Danger Sense and Uncanny Dodge. 


http://orokos.com/roll/766002 = 30 and she tanks it! 


Okay, let me get the IC post up, and then you'll be up, durf! 


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That is a miss. 



Full Action: Blast the bad guy! 23

That hits! 

Fort save vs. 19

http://orokos.com/roll/766597 = 21

He makes the save, alas! Since he has Impervious 10, he doesn't need to save vs. the Blast. 


Move Action: run for the car! 



Standard Action: Switch to her grenades and throw another bomb at him! (She has Reverse Progression, so she can do it without any collateral damage) 

Reflex vs 20 = 13

Tou vs 25: 30

Move: Run for car


Well, at least the dice are being friendly with the nat-20s! 



Since his laser isn't doing the trick, he'll go ahead and switch to his rocket's red glare 

Attack vs Area: 29

Well balls, okay 

Watchdog: 11 let's spend an HP to reroll that: 28, so she is unhurt

Daystar: Ashley is going to Interpose (23

Gimmie a Tou save, @angrydurf


Badguy 2 starts making his way through the house! 


I'll make that post as soon as I know it goes for you, durf



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Daystar: has shot her shot, she'll get in the car! 



throws another bomb! She's getting low, but she really needs to tag this guy 

Reflex vs 20: 4

Tou vs 25: 13

Now she drives like woah



That's reasonable, okay. 


A post or two at full speed now - we are still in initiative, though...


Durf, if you like, you can make a Notice check vs DC 25: 

Watchdog: 29

Daystar: 24


So sad for Judy! 


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Bad Guy 2! 


Because most of us made our Notice, we are not caught flat-footed by his attack. 

He hits the back of the Dawg but can't get through! Sucks to be him. 


Infinity is up at the start of round 2 as soon as I post IC! Give me a Dex check to see if you take any penalty with all the speeding around - not too hard given how high yours is! 

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Daystar blasts him! She'll beg an HP from Ashley (for Ashley getting into a fight in front of Fa'Rua!) 

Attack vs Bad Guy: 

http://orokos.com/roll/767772 = okay, that hits with the HP! 
Fort vs 19 

http://orokos.com/roll/767773 well that's an ethos

His Tou is now -1? 

OK then

http://orokos.com/roll/767774 = welp. 

I'm going to give myself an HP and put this guy at staggered and injured. 



Drive check!

http://orokos.com/roll/767776 = 18 not quite enough to shake him loose! 

Bad Guy 2 is busy. 


Okay, @angrydurf, you'll be up as soon as I post IC! 

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I think with extra effort for power stunt she can manage a long distance only distracting accurate teleport that has the range, might need to add some kind of drawback or tiring to get progression.  So she can do it but gonna mess her up a bit and not be a smooth ride!  Lemme know if you want me to math it out exactly but it is late o'clock here :D

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