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SLAM! (PL 10)

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Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)

Unspent Power Points: 0

Trade-offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -1 Defense / +1 Toughness


In Brief: Former soldier takes an experimental super serum from the US government that gives him superpowers

Catchphrase: "You just got Slammed!"

Theme: Onyx - Slam


Alternate Identity: Jamal Jones (public)

Birthplace: Washington DC

Residence: Downtown Freedom City

Base of Operations: United States

Occupation: Government Agent

Affiliations: AEGIS, US government, US Army

Family: Karen Williams (ex-wife), Monica Williams (daughter), Jessie Williams (son), Marcus Jones (father), Matilda Jones (mother, née Kelly), Shawn Jones (brother), Marcus Jones (brother), Tyrone Jones (brother), Eve Jones (sister), Monique Parker (sister, née Jones)



Age: 33 (DoB: 1986, July 4)

Apparent Age: 23

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Black

Height: 7'6" (originally 6'4")

Weight: 350 pounds (originally 233 pounds)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black


Jamal looks like a mythical giant due to his size. Due to his regiment, his body is mostly swole muscle (think Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson). His skin is dark. He keeps his head and face shaved. On his back are two tattoos, left side a tiger stalking downward, right side tiger stalking upward. Civilian attire is tshirt, jeans, and work boots. While doing his duty, he wears black flight suit coveralls, gloves, and tactical boots.


History: Jamal grew up in a military family. The United States Army was in his blood. In high school he went through ROTC, afterwards he went in to his beloved service. He served dutifully for almost twelve years. A few years ago we was wounded in the field. It was unsure if he would ever be able to walk again. Bullet went clean through his knees (yes, one bullet, both knees). Due to some miracle drugs and extensive rehabilitation, he beat the odds. but was unable to continue in his beloved service.


Last year, he was contacted by AEGIS for an experimental procedure that would give him a second chance to go back to work for his country. It wasn't the military, but he would be under their employ. He thought about it long and hard. Going through a divorce was hard enough. It was something he wanted, may, needed in his life. He quickly agreed.


AEGIS subjected him to a concoction and rigorous training. Not like he wasn't used to this already. The treatment gained him a massive amount of mass. Over a foot in height, and the weight to match! His strength, durability, and speed were simply not human anymore. Of course, this being an experiment, there were side effects. Being based of the DNA process, there were spikes of weirdness.  They didn't last long, but they were noticeable. Still, they weren't enough to deter AEGIS or Jamal. They were going to test him on the field. And soon.


Personality & Motivation: While Jamal seems a bit stodgy and by the book, it's not because of anything personal. He opens up to people very slowly. And when h does, he's the most loyal, forthright person you'll ever know. Will go to the wall with you or to save you. You're basically his brother/sister in arms.


He wants to serve his country the best way he knows how. While not a soldier anymore, he still thinks of himself as one. A patriotic man who loves his country and his call to duty.


Powers & Tactics: AEGIS made Jamal a larger than life fellow through a strain of 'Hot Zone' mutagen. Given the height, mass, speed and durability of a giant.


His fighting style is a very close. Striking seems to be his forte. But as his heroic name suggests, he's most likely to grab the enemy and throw them around like a rag doll until they submit or get knocked out. After that, well, it's time to talk with AEGIS and fill out the proper forms.


Power Descriptions: Physical mutations through scientific experimentation. Growth makes him larger, Enhanced Strength and Super-Strength make him stronger, Enhanced Constitution gives him more durability. Speed and Leaping make him more mobile.



Hatred: Racists. Everyone hates racists, naturally, but Jamal will not tolerate one in his presence. It could get very ugly.

Phobia: The dark. He'll say "it's not the dark, just what's in the dark" But seeing nothing unnerves him to an unnatural degree.

Responsibility: Jamal works for AEGIS. When the US government says "Jump", you don't ask how high, you jump and hope you've jumped high enough.

Weakness: Due to the the treatment being in it's still early stages, weirdness can happen. If Jamal fails a Fortitude save that affects his body by 5 or 10, the GM can put an extra effect on to it.


Abilities: 8 + 4 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 6 = 34PP

Strength: 22/34 (+6/+12)

Dexterity: 14 (+2)

Constitution: 20/32 (+5/+11)

Intellect: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 14 (+2)

Charisma: 16 (+3)


Combat: 12 + 18 = 30PP

Initiative: +6

Attack: +6 base, +8 melee

Defense: +9 (+9 base), +5 flat-footed

Grapple: +24

Knockback: -8/-5


Saving Throws: 4 + 4 + 4 = 12PP

Toughness: +5/+11 (+5/+11 Con; Impervious 5)

Fortitude: +9/+15 (+5/+11 Con, +4)

Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, +4)

Will: +6 (+2 Wis, +4)


Skills: 48R = 12PP

Climb 4 (+8/+14)

Drive 4 (+6)

Intimidation 12 (+15)

Knowledge (tactics) 8 (+10)

Language 4 (Arabic, English [native], French, Korean, Russian)

Notice 8 (+10)

Sense Motive 8 (+10)


Feats: 15 PP

Accurate Attack

Attack Focus 2 (melee)

Benefit 1 (Security Clearance [AEGIS])

Distract (Intimidate)

Improved Grab

Improved Grapple

Improved Initiative

Improved Throw

Improved Trip

Move-By Action

Power Attack


Takedown Attack 1

Uncanny Dodge (sight)


Powers: 50 = 50PP

All powers are mutation, enhanced biology, and prowess descriptors


Container 10 [50PP]

Array 2 (Feats: Alternate Power 1) [5PP]

Base PowerSpeed 4 (100MPH) {4/4}

Alternate PowerLeaping 4 (x25) {4/4}

Enhanced Constitution 12 [12PP]

Enhanced Strength 12 [12PP]

Growth 2 (+4 Strength, +2 Constitution, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Permanent, Feats: Innate) [7PP]

Immunity 2 (disease, poison, Flaws: Limited [half effect]) [1PP]

Impervious Toughness 5 [5PP]

Super-Strength 4 [8PP]


Drawbacks: (-3) = -3PP

Vulnerability (Alteration effects, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Moderate [x1.5]) [-3PP] "early hiccups of the treatment"


DC Block

ATTACK                RANGE      SAVE                EFFECT

Unarmed               Touch      DC 21 Toughness     Damage

Unarmed, Enhanced     Touch      DC 27 Toughness     Damage


Totals: Abilities (34) + Combat (30) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (12) + Feats (15) + Powers (50) - Drawbacks (3) = 150/150 Power Points

Edited by Hawkeye
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17 hours ago, TheAbsurdist said:

Scientific would not be a valid descriptor.

I figured that it would describe the origin of his powers.


17 hours ago, TheAbsurdist said:

Mutation, and Enhanced Physiology and/or Enhanced Biology.

Wouldn't Physical cover both pf the Physiology and Biology?


17 hours ago, TheAbsurdist said:

I am a little askance about the Weakness complication.  Can you Elaborate?

I think "because the treatment is not fully done working yet, things that effect his body could affect him worse" is pretty explanatory. May I ask why you're not OK with it?

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Descriptors are the mechanical axis that Powers interact.
Would Drain or Nullify Scientific strip him of power?  NOTE: We do not generally make use of NPCs who are built to nerf a character like that, unless that is the point of the specific thread/event.  So building explicitly for that purpose is just not wise

Also, check the base book itself as well, as that lists baseline descriptors, and samples as well as our commonality list of Descriptors, here.

Physical is not a valid Descriptor for for the powerset he has.  That is an inherent component to every person who is tangible and has Physical Attributes, nonspecific .  It's Mutant, Enhanced Biology, and you can tack on Prowess as well.

In a more expanded view beyond mechanics:  Descriptors are Origin (or the Why) and the Effect (How).  Physical would be, in this instance, a What and so doesn't fit that criteria.

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