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Avenger Assembled

Extradimensional Birdwatching Club (OOC)

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Stealth roll? 5. Gonna spend me a hero point on that... 18. Will be using her teleport power to get away as well.


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Horrorshow can use his Shapeshift 2 (10 points) to turn into something with Shrinking 8 (Tiny) -- like a housecat, or an otter, or a hawk or owl or raven -- and ride on Mia's shoulder when she 'ports?  He'd be well under the 100 lb. limit for what she can carry.


Stealth check if it's needed:

1d20+8: 18 [1d20=10]


+8 more if size modifier from being Tiny is factored in

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Form of... a Doggo!  Using Shapeshift to gain Super-Senses 4 (low-light vision, scent, tracking 2 [olfactory]).


I believe it's a Survival check to pick up a trail.  He's not got any ranks in that, but he's got a +3 on Wisdom, so...

  1d20+3: 17 [1d20=14]



(Given the age of the can, I know it's unlikely any scent from who'd left it would still be around, but it seems like something a mildly impetuous teen shapeshifter would do.)


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Horrorshow looks up to see: 

something coming up the coast, passing between the stars and the ground, something so thick in the sky it blots out the very night sky above! And from the center of that vast flock, perhaps with his enhanced hearing, he can make out...their song

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Alright! Mia will respond to this awful threat by using her Create Object Power to make a shelter to help them weather the birdstorm!: 


AP: Create Object 13 (Molecular Forge; 13 10-foot cubes; Extras: Continuous; Flaws; Permanent; Power Feats: Subtle, Precise, Innate, Progression) {30/30 PP} (Mutant, Atomic)

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