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Extradimensional Birdwatching Club (OOC)

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Horrorshow can use his Shapeshift 2 (10 points) to turn into something with Shrinking 8 (Tiny) -- like a housecat, or an otter, or a hawk or owl or raven -- and ride on Mia's shoulder when she 'ports?  He'd be well under the 100 lb. limit for what she can carry.


Stealth check if it's needed:

1d20+8: 18 [1d20=10]


+8 more if size modifier from being Tiny is factored in

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Form of... a Doggo!  Using Shapeshift to gain Super-Senses 4 (low-light vision, scent, tracking 2 [olfactory]).


I believe it's a Survival check to pick up a trail.  He's not got any ranks in that, but he's got a +3 on Wisdom, so...

  1d20+3: 17 [1d20=14]



(Given the age of the can, I know it's unlikely any scent from who'd left it would still be around, but it seems like something a mildly impetuous teen shapeshifter would do.)


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Alright! Mia will respond to this awful threat by using her Create Object Power to make a shelter to help them weather the birdstorm!: 


AP: Create Object 13 (Molecular Forge; 13 10-foot cubes; Extras: Continuous; Flaws; Permanent; Power Feats: Subtle, Precise, Innate, Progression) {30/30 PP} (Mutant, Atomic)

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