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Even a man

who is pure of heart

and says his prayers by night

may become a wolf

when the wolfbane blooms

and the moon is full and bright!


Yes, Horrorshow's made up as the Lon Chaney Jr Wolf Man -- from George Waggner's The Wolf Man (1941) --  and I do mean made-up: he's just using his Disguise skill ranks and natural Charisma (Took 20, got 30).  No powers!

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Big post! 


For this first room, no one has their powers. Anything supernatural is similarly missing. Any ability scores are capped at/reduced to 20 at max. All devices and equipment are missing.

The only exception to this is Dio.

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Welcome to the Second Room! Better known as the Kindergarten Room! That's right, you're all Kindergarteners. You have your powers back, but your strength score has been reduced to 6 (unless modified by your superpowers) and your movement speed to 20. All power caps are at PL3. I reserve the right to introduce other surprises about your powers. You've all also taken a ding to Wisdom! -4 Wisdom, everybody. 


Danica is still an adult! Lucky her. She is still at full PL and takes no penalties.

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Alright! Ms. Johansen has noticed you, coming over at the right time thanks to your failed stealth save, but what's more important is the failed will save. Now in pain, the tiny side of Astrid is going to take over. For the next bit, she's going to deal with impaired faculties as her brain seeks out any adult to make it better while she uncontrollably shrieks her head off.


It seems the House is prepared for Astrid this time.

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Since @Electra got to Astrid with Danica first, Astrid is now charmed by Danica. That means that Astrid feels weirdly compliant with any requests Danica has. More than that, weirdly enough, there is a slight edit in reality. Astrid's new last name is Astrid Holmes, and as long as the charm lasts, Astrid feels a weird filial bond to Danica.


Danica, gimme a DC 25 will save.

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I am going to give you an option to fail here, to get both your HP back and another one. You don't have to take it. But first I will explain the effects so you can decide.


Danica, for a moment, feels a sudden feeling wash over her. A protectiveness over two individuals: Astrid and Mia. Something tells her they are her babies, and she needs to protect them and treat them as such especially. Any evidence to the contrary is just wrong. The house, for whatever reason, wants her to think they are her kids. Maybe because they've retained enough sense that taking them seriously is dangerous to its narrative.


If you choose to pass, it's only a mild, lingering sense letting you know this is the role that the universe wants in place.

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Ms. Johansen rolls a 28! But since you rolled a 20, I'll call it a success.


This is what she is thinking: "Oh, poor baby! I'm co-- oh, oh, her mom's got her, it's all good. Oof, we need to put some padding on that thing. God, so many things that could get them hurt... Going to have to keep a closer eye on everyone. And oh, I hear someone snooping in my heaaaaad. Who is it?"

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