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Vibora Bay - Rough Draft OOC


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OK, just to clarify, unless I horribly misread AA's clarifications: If you join the government-backed super-team, your secret identity does not become public knowledge.

A handful, at most, of high-level government officials will have access to a secured document listing your real name, address, etc., and anyone else who wants a look at it will have to show a judge sufficient cause to get a warrant for it.

I say this because it sounds like people are treating "Become a registered municipal defender" with "Have no secret identity", and that's not the case.


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Torque's not worried about her secret identity being discovered through the mayor's office, which is why she was the first to agree to sign! She's more worried about slipping up herself somehow, and leading bad guys back to her people. Hence her desire to move off her uncle's property.

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AA confirmed in the Discord that those of us who are becoming municipal defenders should buy a 1PP Benefit feat for that (Status?) with our September PP awards.


@Thunder King Can you please clarify whether Speed-Demon is joining or not? First, he says "I'm in", but then he says he's "not revealing [his] real name to anyone". It's one or the other.


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