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Orange Squad Thread - Haunted House


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Alright, looking to get something going with the Orange Squad for Claremont. Don't need every member, but it would be nice to have them together. The idea is that the group goes to a Haunted House that is MaAaAaGiC! There'd be a series of about 5 rooms, each a pocket dimension and all with some freaky element to mess with the PCs heads. Goal would be to get through the gauntlet of weirdness and make it to whoever is running this mad house.


What do you guys think?


@Cubismo @Ari @Heritage @Nick @Electra @Dr Archeville

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Before anything else, I also feel some content warnings are due, just in case. Nothing will be breaching PG-13, but I just want to make sure people are prepared.


  • Mild gore
  • Gaslighting
  • Mental illness references
  • Disturbing imagery
  • Horror elements.

I don't imagine anything will be especially upsetting, but I just want to cover bases. Some things upset people more than others.

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