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Okay! The Meta-Naut will forgo her move in the surprise round to see what the Monkey Men do.


They attack Scion. Woops.


Bad, Bad Baboon is gonna blast Scion with his Bad Banana Gun, and it's a crit at 28! That's a DC 28 Toughness save for Scion!

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Alright, and now time for the Meta-Naut! She is going to hit the one that actually seemed to hurt Moira with a Tachyonic Blast! It's a miss with an 11! But I'm real tired of rolling poorly for my PCs so I am going to spend an HP to try and hit. She hits with a 27! Much better.


Bad, Bad Baboon has to roll a DC 21 Toughness save, which he fails. Miserably. 7. He's dazed and staggered! 

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Apologies for the long answer time. I've been dealing with stuffy head and snot. I promise I won't go another week before answering :D


Taunting Killa Gorilla as a move action: 1d20+12-5 25


If that works, he gets -2 to all attack rolls and checks. If it doesn't, well, I'm very concerned :P


Attacking Killa Gorilla: 1d20+8 24


If that hits, he's going to have to roll Toughness 27.


Grappling Killa Gorilla: 1d20+18 37


And if she grapples him, that's another Toughness 27.

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