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Daka Rush: Claremont recruitment

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What: Action thread where Claremont students get mixed up in daka-infused tech smuggling ring. The smugglers are carrying mostly harmless medical equipment, the problem is the Dakanan power-armored royal Red Lion and his New Freedom mercenaries aiming to kill the smugglers for their crime against Dakana.


Who: 3 additional Claremont students. Base team of White Lioness, Red Lynx and Sun Dragon/Dio. Preferably PL10. 


Where: Riverside docks.


When: October 10th, 6PM, 2019

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Octoman's available for this if you want him.

His usual presentation to the contrary, his Enhanced Dexterity, high Acrobatics and Stealth, Insubstantial, Concealment, and Morph all combine to make him a superb infiltrator.

He's got enough Knowledge (Technology) to at least know what he's looking at.

And he's solid in a fight.


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Learning about Surface Worlder tech -- how it's used and misused/abused -- would be in Artificer's interests; his mother works with medical tech so that'd be another point of interest for him.

But he's not stealthy, is only PL 7, and the differences between Surfacer tech and Atlantean technowizardry means he's effectively at -10 on any Knowledge (Technology) checks.

(Would he find himself relying on Octoman to identify the tech? Maybe!)

On the other hand, he has a variety of useful abilities (Create Object, Move Object, a broad Transform), and could stunt any number of exotic effects.


EDIT: With this month's pp awards, he should be able to hit PL 8 !


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That seems pretty reasonable to me, for sure Dok. It's a big ship, plenty of ways to help the fight besides the slugging of it out. 


So WL, RL, SD&D, Octoman and Artificer. 


One more and we're off. 


And since this is supposed to kick off an at least short storyline, if other folks want involved in action-y things it provides a handy framework and common goal/enemies to work with. Not opposed to starting more fightsmanships. 



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This doesn't have to be first-come/first-serve. If a fourth and fifth player express interest and one or more of their PCs is a better fit, I'm willing to give them my spot.


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