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Dimensional Gate

Sandman XI

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Book of Magic (page 45) mentions this is Super-Movement (dimensional) plus the Portal modifer and that it costs 12pp. They obviously mean the full blown dimensional movement as it is 2pp a rank (3 ranks total) and the portal modifier is 2pp. So, is it possible to modify it to 1 rank dimensional movement, making it cost 4pp? Also, If I do something like:

Super-Movement 1 (dimensional 1; Extra: Portal; PF: Progression/Size 2)

Would it alway open as a Huge portal or could I use it from Medium to Huge?

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A 4 pp Dimensional Gate would open a portal between Earth and one other dimension, from either side.

The use of power feats (with the exception of Innate) is optional. You could open a portal that is 5' by 5', 10' by 10', or 25' by 25'. Though you'd technically be stuck using one of those three sizes, I think most referees would allow intermediate sizes as well (e.g. 7' by 7').

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