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So... out East there's tales of a brave mariner who is willing to protect Freedom City from all threats, and out west there's tales of a barnstormer with a heart of gold.

Thing is... they've been quiet for a while.

Time to change that.

Anyone looking to get someone into their threads from Emerald City or Freedom City? Torpedo Lass' retirement was nothing but a rumor, and Levity can be anywhere she's needed. Having a fast plane for cross-country commutes helps).

Who's interested in running?

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Give me a few weeks to get caught up on my threads, and I'd be happy to play in Freedom. Grim and MG will be available, and neither of your characters have met Lulu yet!

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Just now, Tiffany Korta said:

Give me a bit and I can probably come up with something, if that cool obs.

Of course. I'll be watching!

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