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A Missing Screwtop OOC


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The bad guys shoot into the water, trying to hit you! Let's treat the murky water as partial concealment, so even if a shot hits you, you can avoid getting hit on me rolling 17+ on a dice roll after


3 guns shooting at you with submachine guns with autofire: 14 15 22

Well, that's a lot of hits, so let's check how many miss based on the water, on 17+: 18, 17, 9

2 misses, and the last one hits! BUT your Impervious is high enough to take no damage, so you're in luck.


It'll take you a round to get up and into the ship with your plan.


And give me a Stealth check, so we can see if they notice you slithering aboard.

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Hehe, so what kind of rolls would I be looking at to either:


1) Drop from the roof in human form and try and take him out using improved Grab and chokehold?

2) Form on the floor and then grab and chokehold?


I'm trying to see if I can avoid another stealth check :P So whichever is least likely to provoke one of those.

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Commander Irons: 20

Soldiers: 16

Screwtop: 21


Well, guess Chromium goes last!


21 - Screwtop - Bruise (x1)

20 - Commander Irons - Unharmed

16 - Soldiers x6 - x5 Tripped

14 - Chromium - 0HP - Unharmed


Screwtop goes for the still standing soldier: 22

Soldier has to make a TOU save vs. DC18: 8

As a minion taking damage, the soldier's down.

Screwtop grabs his gun.


Commander Irons runs for Chromium and goes for a punch: 18

That's a hit, and a DC26 TOU save for you.


5 of the soldiers get up the, using their other action to grab their weapons.


21 - Screwtop - Bruise (x1)

20 - Commander Irons - Unharmed

16 - Soldiers x6 - KO x1, Unharmed x5

14 - Chromium - 0HP - Unharmed

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