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Avenger Assembled

Vibora Bay - Storm of the Century (OOC)

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Hows the recovery on a nauseate going to work?  as a DC 15 effect?  That seems more entertaining but don't really want to spend the whole fight hurling.

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Let's see if it'll be affected by the Drain Strike or not. 

Using Power Attack maneuvre for +2DC/-2ATK: 1d20+10 = 23

I think that hits, so DC29 TOU save vs. Damage and DC24 Fort save vs. TOU Drain, if the creature's affected by that.

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Hmm, I think I did that post wrong; in order to blow and HP to add Move-By Action, Torque has to pick Betsy up herself, right?

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Also, it's not Betsy's turn, and she hasn't had the chance to Ready an action to go off on someone else's turn, so she can't take actions.


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So without limbs, can I just try to scoop her up with the landing gear, or is it best that I just ready an action for my next turn and wait for her to climb aboard?

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So this is using an HP to get Move-By Action as an Heroic Fear, and Extra Effort for a stunt of Drain. I was originally thinking of using Additional Limbs as the stunt, but I made it sound like a Snare, which would be Strength 3, aka equivalent to Wood.


1. Is that enough to secure someone under a high speed helicopter?


2. Do I need to hit if I'm trying to help?

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Snare is an attack power which creates a physical object, which ties someone up, limiting their mobility. Additional Limbs is what you want. And you'd only need an attack roll if Betsy decides she wants to try to avoid it.


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It might just be best for Betsy to chill. Persephone's array is still set to the Healing AP, so she can heal Betsy first thing now that Torque brought her back within Persephone's touch-range.


If there is some way for Betsy to get a HP and buy off the Dazed condition, though, then go for it, because 1) That's one less condition Persephone has to heal, and 2) She can use her action to Ready her next attack, but wait to set it off until after Persephone heals her.


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Unless you want to invoke her bloody stubborn complication to have her go over and punch it's ankles I'm happy for Betsy to sit there a swear loudly for a bit.

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Free Actions: Persephone maintains her Environment Control (Light), Flight, and Impervious Toughness effects.

Standard Action: Persephone uses Healing on Betsy.
@Tiffany Korta Betsy gets a recovery check with an extra +9. With her +10 Con, the minimum result of that check is 20, which is two 5-point increments over the DC10, so she's going to automatically recover from at least 3 damage conditions. I believe StaggeredDazed, and Bruised are the only conditions she suffered from that hit she took, so I think she's fully healed no matter what.

Since Persephone's Healing effect is Distracting, she's flat-footed again, at +5 Defense (DC15 to hit) until her next action.

Move Action: On the off chance that the croc is intelligent, Persephone will attempt to Taunt it as a move action at -5 to her check.

Bluff check: 14, or 18 if her Attractive feat applies (I can't imagine it would, but just in case).

If the croc doesn't have at least 1 in Int, Wis, and Cha, then the Taunt automatically fails.

If the croc doesn't speak English, then the Taunt is at a further -4.

If the croc has Int 1-2, then the Taunt is at a further -8.

Opposed by Bluff, Sense Motive, or Will save.

If she succeeds, then the croc is Shaken for 1 round, suffering -2 to all rolls (including saving throws).

Free Action: Persephone switches her Plant Control array to the Snare AP.

Free Action: Persephone uses Extra Effort for a second Standard Action.

Standard Action: Persephone attacks the croc with her Snare.

She will use Indirect 3 to make the Snare come up from under the croc.

She will Power Attack for -2 Attack / +2 Damage.

Attack roll: 27. Natural 19.

Reaction: If that hits, then Persephone spends a Hero Point to gain Improved Critical (Plant Control), retroactively making that a critical hit. (If that doesn't hit, then she'll spend a Hero Point for a re-roll.)

With the Power Attack and the critical hit, that's a DC27 Reflex save for the croc, and a Toughness 17 Snare.


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DC40 Toughness save for the Snare, as requested in Discord: 35. It fails by 5, so it takes an Injury, but it's not Disabled, so it's not broken.


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That definitely hits, especially because it's currently bound and helpless. 

(It helps that Woodsman's line is a Transparent Snare!) 

http://orokos.com/roll/756262 it is bound and helpless again 



Free Action: breaks out of Woodsman's Snare 

(I'll give it the Prone Fighting feat so it can fight on all fours as the monster gator it is - since I added that, I'll give Woodsman an HP for that!)

Standard Action: 

has a damage bonus of +25, so a damage DC of 40.

With the Snare rolling 35, the snare is Injured! 

Okay, Speed Demon is up in the new round. 


Round 3: 

Speed Demon: 29, 1HP 

Woodsman: 26, Bruised x1, 1HP 

Cheval: 21, 3HP 

Torque: 19, Fatigued, 0HP 

Sagrado: 15, Nauseated, 3HP 

Betsy: 8, 0HP 

Persephone: 6, 3HP

Croczilla: 6 (Tou drained, bound, helpless) 


Everybody on the ground in the churchyard give me a DC 20 Reflex save to avoid being caught in the tremors. 

http://orokos.com/roll/756265 = 27 for Woodsman 

If you fail, you're entangled, if you fail by 5 or more, bound and helpless. 



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