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Vibora Bay - Storm of the Century (OOC)

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Don't forget for setting purposes that Vibora Bay was devastated by Hurricane Michael a year ago - it was the worst natural disaster a VB native had ever experienced. (So just keep that in mind!)

Let's establish a map: 


Woodsman is on the campus of UFVB in Far Weston near inner Weston. 

Sagrado Corazon is at St. Paul's in inner Weston. 

Speed Demon is in ??? 

Persephone is at a shelter in Weston - I'm going to say she's at St. Paul's in inner Weston too, if that's okay, @Grumblefloof

Betsy Brooks is in ??? 

Torque is in ??? 

Cheval is dropping people off at a shelter - do you mind if I put you at St. Paul's too, @RocketLord


Speed Demon, Betsy, and Torque, you can say if you're in inner Weston too if you like. 




Persephone, give me a Notice check, DC 20. 


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I'm going to say  Cheval and Sagrado Corazon don't get a good look at Persephone but they do see the tree rising into the air with the lady inside. (just to make it easier for PCs to find each other) 


Everybody can feel a distant vibration, not quite an earthquake but something like a distant rumble of thunder that's not quite going away. 


Zombie-Croc is still technically in San Sebastien, but is going to come out on the major street between Hollings Hill and Far Weston. We'll call it Fortune Street. 


If anybody has a vibration-related or magic-detecting super-sense, now would be a great time to roll Notice to figure out exactly what's happening. 

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Heritage: That's fine.


Persephone: You can see something moving off towards the northern part of town down by the edge of the swamp - you can't quite make it out through the driving rain and darkness. The darndest thing is - you're pretty sure you're not seeing it at all, but somehow your plant symbiote is! You are also pretty sure that some of the people on the street spotted what you just did, even if they didn't spot you directly. 





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The city is dark and silent - it looks like power is out as far as you can see, which isn't far with rain sheeting down in buckets everywhere. It wasn't an EMP effect as such; you didn't feel anything and you can see people getting around with their phones and flashlights. Nothing has happened on the radio but you are able to get reports of two police cars near the university that aren't checking in after the outage. 

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In case it wasn't obvious, the tree was the descriptor for Persephone activating her Flight effect. She'll maintain that, and she'll also activate her Morph effect, Quick Change feat, and Environment Control (Light) effect.


Now she's bright enough to turn total darkness-based concealment adjacent to her into partial, and partial into none. But more importantly, she can probably be seen from pretty far away now.


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Persephone's Flight is only rank 1, 10MPH, so even with her ability to effectively bypass terrain, it might take her a while to reach the big guy.


Oh, and she's got Affects Others, but she doesn't have any Progression feats on that. It looks like Cheval took her up on her offer, so if Sagrado wants to be the third wheel, then she'll have to use Extra Effort to get a temporary Progression rank.


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