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Jessica Witchblood

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Knowledge (arcane lore)

DC 10: Looks like a demon. There's quite a variety of those in our world.


DC 20: Her magic is definitely demonic. Based off of sin-manipulating spirits. She 'controls' them in the fact that they live in her soul and she looses them into other people's souls. There are some beneficial spells, but really? It's pure sin affecting the recipient. Don't trust it.


DC 25: The Witchblood lineage reaches back to prehistoric times when humans congressed with demons to make their tribes stronger. This warped and corrupted the humans over time, enslaving them to the demons. Eventually the humans became something more than that, showing demonic traits. They're codified as an offshoot of humanity.


DC 30: The Witchblood name comes from later on in the timeline when a hero by the name of Witch somehow freed the demonblooded people from their masters. The hero taught them simpler, less gruesome ways of working the magic inherent to them. Needless to say, some took to it while others continued on serving their masters. The freed ones took the name Witchblood.


Knowledge (streetwise)

DC 10: Hey yeah, that red chick from the Southside? Yeah, she's really hot.


DC 15: She's an exotic dancer. Works a few late night joints under the name Synn or Demon. Is she one though?


DC 20: Her real name is Jessica Witchblood. Though that last name, man. Probably not real.

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