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ErosUnlimited Offices

24 August 2019, 12:57 PM


Several weeks had passed since the website ErosUnlimited had first come to Talon's attention. In between his work at his job as Sam Amber and his nocturnal activities as Talon, he hadn't had the chance to do more than a few meagre attempts to penetrate its defenses, but what he had seen had given him some confidence that, even if the owners of the site were somehow malicious, any revelation of identities would happen purely on voluntary basis. 


Thus, he could only gather so much information on the site and its administrators via his technological skills. Now, dressed in simple clothing that could have been bought anywhere, or even found secondhand, Samuel Amber entered into the offices of Eros Unlimited, donning a cheerful smile and approaching the first person who looked like they belonged here. "Hello there! I believe I'm expected. My boss," he lowered his voice, "Yamanu," before continuing in a regular tone, "said I should come up here to talk with, er, one 'Pamela Unterbotten-Schneider?'" The last two names were pronounced with an effortless German accent.

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