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-The loud, heart-stopping sounds of an explosion
and shattering glass along with the accompanying
shock strike around the cities without warning. Within
moments, a strange cloud of silvery mist blankets
the surrounding area. Just as panic and flight
are about to take hold, the cloud begins to swirl
without any evident prompting from the wind. It
whips itself into a cyclonic mass, discharging what
appear to be bolts of bluish lightning both within
itself and outward around its immediate vicinity.


Both blast and bolts subside and begin to dissipate
before anyone can arrive on the scene, leaving the dead and injured as
the most immediate concern. The scene is filled with fleeing, panicked
crowds and hopelessly jammed roads.   The bridges connecting the city have collapsed.

Sister cities orphaned from one another-


Island View
Emerald City, Washington
Saturday, August 26, 2019
6:00 PM


North Emerald, the Gem of the Columbia, in many ways the city could be a throwback to the past.  Built around its rather sizeable military presence, North Emerald had all the comforts of a medium size town, with none of the flash of its Southern neighbor.  Even the presence of Archetech West didn't take away from uneventful presence that the city.  It was the second day of Sound and Fury, Emerald City's annual 3 day music festival.  A migrating Festival that always started in Bridge Point and ended in Island View.  The air was entirely harmonious.


And then the Storm struck.  Bolts attacking overhead with a furor not seen since the the Columbus Day Storm of 1962.  Even then this was nothing like the storm.  The military was quick to send out soldiers to act as support for emergency responders.  But, there were so many emergencies.  It was hard to picture anyone making their way to the farmland in Island View.  The locals had come together, many taking shelter at predetermined locations.  But looters, fires, and a very violent pack of feral hogs moving in a dedicated trail towards the center of Island View were the current norm.


Island View was not only the birthplace of Emerald City.  It was also home to the city's Native American Cultural Center.  The local hip hop stars the LongBowz, were aiming to headline the closing of the festival tomorrow at the very same cultural center.  That was until they were spotted being forcefully dragged inside the museum through the local television stations before the feed cut off.   North Emerald was in a state of chaos.

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 Plaatic Fantastic condition 'curious'. 


Raphael had been looking forward to a 'music festival'. Real beings playing music with their own funny little appendages. When the skies erupted with noise and fury he wasn't sure if it was special effects, humans at war or entirely normal for this planet. 

He understood the principle of weather. The biodome had regularly programmed 'wet' days. The people around him didn't seem very relaxed though and most were scuttling for cover in the more solid lookng buildings. Maybe humans weren't entirely waterproof! He could see people struggling to get safe from the deluge.

He wrapped an arm around a lampost and stretched out his other, grabbing people and letting them use his arm as a safety rope to get to safety. He muttered a quick prayer to Saint Oprah for her wisdom to help him deal with this situation. Once the people he could see were safe he moved on looking for others to help.



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This was crazy. Beyond crazy. A silver storm, sweeping through the city and raining blue lightning, wrecking everything in its place? People getting caught up in it, looters, people in danger? It was insane. Robin had seen some crazy things since she started this entire super hero thing, but, she hadn't even been doing it for a year yet, and then something like this? This wasn't something she was ready to deal with. Nothing natural about this disaster, just pure crazy.


She had been at the Sound and Fury when the storm hit. Caught up in the mess of it all, she couldn't even react at first. It was too much, overwhelming. Everything just happened so fast, but eventually, her instincts prevailed. Amulet in the driver, full power. With a shout of "Henshin!" Justice emerged from the crowds, doing her best to get people to safety. If anything, her bright armor made her easily visible.

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Damn it damn it damn it.


Nicole stumbled towards an dark alley as Emerald City burned. She could hear the wail of sirens from blocks away. People ran and looted storefronts and cried for help all around Island View. So a girl disappeared inside an alleyway, where no eyes could witness her summons, only for a heavily armored figure to emerge above it in a roar of fire.


Salvo surveyed the scene before her. Heroes were considered emergency responders and she was no exception, familiar and somewhat experienced with disaster relief. She looked for broken buildings, flipped vehicles, burning buildings where she could use her invulnerability, strength, and radar for search-and-rescue operations no unaided human could do. In her mind's eye she kept screens open on various television and radio channels, monitoring what was happening beyond her field of vision. She saw the LongBowz dragged inside the Native American Cultural Center.


That was another of her specialties. Applied violence.


She streaked towards the museum, a line of flame trailing behind her.


"This is codename Salvo." The broadcast was heard over emergency channels. "Intercepting LongBowz assailants at the Native American Cultural Center. Send an ambulance if possible but mark it as low priority."

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Raya Wells was normally someone who kept herself to the Oregon side of the Emerald Cities, but she had found herself over on the Washington side for a little bit of shopping. Unfortunately, it seemed like the universe had other plans for her. Chaos had consumed the city, and it seemed like it was crying out for a hero. Well, if they needed a hero, they could count on the Mighty Meta-Naut!


Fumbling into her bag, she quickly snatched out her helmet and activated her badge. With that, she took off from the back alley of the clothing store she had been at, and flew off to the museum where she had heard the trouble had been. She had no idea who the LongBowz were, but she had no interest in allowing them to be... well, whatever was going to happen to them.


"Just keep cool everyone, I'm on the scene!" she called to the people below as she raced towards danger.

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