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Facsimile scoffed at the unseen TKOs remark.


"Fighting smart starts with picking your opponent and I believe I've made it abundantly clear..." He began as he twisted aside to dodge heavyweights and flyboy's simultaneous strikes as he squared himself for bearknuckle, quickly snapping his entire body into a powerful twist as he swung his fist out and into the back of the raging ursine armed man's broad clawed hands to knock his blow wide and off to the side.


"That you are no match for me." He stated with a unshakablely calm air even as his hand prickled with numbness and slight pain from the impact "The smart thing to do would be to surrender."


And with that he exploded into action again, sweeping his leg out behind bearknuckles ankles, hauling it back in to pull his feet out from under him and send him tumbling into the pliant mass of heavyweights gut and hopefully under the effects of his strange aura.


Not wasting a slither of the momentum from his motion  he rose back to his feet and brought his fist racing up towards flyboys probiscus.


"Whilst it's still an option." He concluded.

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There was a buzzing sound, and suddenly Fly-Boy was in front of Facsimile, blocking his sweep to let Bear-Knuckle go free, even as he fell towards Heavyweight himself. Caught in the giant man's gravity, Fly-Boy let loose a weak buzz as Facsimile hit him straight in the face, even as it didn't seem like it had much effect, before Fly-Boy slammed into the ground due to the gravity.


"You're just a punk, kid! You're nothing in a straight fight! Look at you, was losing, then you had to blow up like a big cloud!" Wherever TKO was, his voice rang out across the area, as Facsimile managed to avoid being trapped by the arena rising up and trying to grab his feet.




Bear-Knuckle didn't even care for his allies trying to intercept the hero. He threw himself straight at Facsimile once more, swinging both of clawed hands wildly with all the force he could muster.

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Archer II




Three rapids sounds, from above, with uncanny speed between them. Three arrows flew in near Bear-Knuckle, Heavyweight and Fly-Boy, all shining patterns of ever shifting brilliant light as they passed by the eyes of the first two, while Fly-Boy managed to avert his eyes.


Connor sat hunched above, on some of the scaffolding, already reaching for the next arrow. Southside didn't have many heroes, but Facsimile wasn't the only one, and whatever differences they might have, Connor was not about to let him take on a full team on his own. Not with the trap that they had set up. "The bomb's taken care of! The school's safe!" He started moving to the side, out of the way before they started coming for him. No reason to be a sitting duck. 


"Cut loose and kick their asses!"

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Heavyweight stared, his jaws opening, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as the arrow passed him by, mesmerized by the strobe lights. Even Bear-Knuckle growled, even as he didn't freeze up completely like his heavier teammate.


Of the three visible villains, only Fly-Boy managed to avoid staring at the strobe light from the arrows. He started rapidly flapping his wings as he buzzed several times before pushing off the ground, away from Heavyweight's gravity aura and into the air. With a loud, shrill buzz he set his sights straight on Archer, being the Contender that had the easiest time reaching a foe above them. Flying up close, he swung at Archer, who ducked out of the way of the wide swing.

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