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Contending with the Contenders


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DeCosta Construction Site, corner of Shelley and O'Donnel

August 30th

8:30 PM


The invite had gone out online, on all kinds of different sites. A few local news sources had even reported on it, though few had taken it seriously. Posted all over walls around Southside. The exact wording was different, but the intent was quite clear: The Contenders, a group of old 80's and 90's villains, and they'd gone mad at Facsimile. They never said why, aside from wanting to take him down a peg. They were gonna show the world that they still had it, that they could fight one of the brand new heroes of the modern day. Meet them at the DeCosta Construction site, or they'd find him and take out wherever he lived. If anyone else tried to interfere, they would blow up a nearby school. Easy, right?


Quite a number people had gathered around the makeshift ring that had been set up in the middle of the construction site, though they all kept a good distance from the five men by the ring. Four of them were all obviously past their prime, but otherwise, they didn't share much in terms of looks. Heavyweight, a large, overweight man with drooping features, like his entire face was being pulled down, clad only in red and blue pants and boots. Fly-Boy, a grotesque creature, a man with the eyes of a fly, barbs on his long, thin arms and fly-like wings. He was dressed in a yellow and red one piece costume. The third, TKO, looked normal, with long black hair with some specks of grey, dressed in a grey dress shirt and black slacks. He looked around at the crowds with a smirk. The fourth was Bear-Knuckle. A large, powerfully built man. Balding, but with long brown hair and a large moustache. From around his shoulders, his arms looked like those of a bear. Where TKO's grin was one of amusement, his held far darker intent. The fifth and final was a young man in his early twenties, sitting by a table with a laptop.


"About time, right? Think he's gonna show?" TKO asked, while looking at the crowd.


Bear-Knuckle's grin widened. "Sure. If not, there's always all of these kids to play with."

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Facsimile was always up for a good brawl with any super loosers who came knocking of course but this was far and away beyond any super powered streetfight he'd ever been in so far so he'd taken his time figuring out how to approach the situation but now that was all squared away it was time for his grand entrance. 


Just as the contenders were beginning to question if he was coming their came the crack of thunder as lightning seeded through the clouds overhead as facsimiles bulky mechanical form began its slow descent towards the makeshift ring with the rumbling of his internal generators at full spin underlying the shrill shriek of the lightning lancing around him as he touched down.


"Well well, the circus maximus's best kept clowns setting all this up for little old me, I'd be flattered if I wasn't so....livid." He intoned as his internal lightning ran rampant around him, striking the corners of the ring and arcing off into the surrounding girders, causing the lighting around the site to flare to life and stutter a little before he let it go.


"Calling me out is all fine and good, but threatening to blow up a school?" He asked with an edge to his voice "you are now on a pretty exclusive shit list." He stated as he turned to face the crowd.


"So now imma not only have to put you away in Blackstone but dismantle you in front of all these adoring fans of mine." He  as he raised his arms and gestured to the crowd before turning back.


"Well let's get started shall we? Or are you waiting for me to threaten whatever slime cave you call home as a invitation? "

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"Ha! That's a great line, kid." Bear-Knuckle called out. He moved to the edge of the ring, putting a massive paw on it, before TKO placed a hand on his shoulder.


"C'mon, man, wait a bit. Leave some for the rest of us." 


Bear-Knuckle didn't seem to like the idea, but he let go, and pointed to Fly-Boy. "Alright. Get up there Heavyweight. Show the kid what we're made of."


The large man with the drooping features looked up and nodded. "Alright." Then he, slowly, and with some trouble, climbed up into the ring and approached. He cracked his neck and knuckles and took a stance, legs slightly apart, hands held up in front of him. He looked almost bored with being there.


Everywhere around them, people were starting to cheer, but TKO killed out, breaking through the noise. "I'd keep the lightshow down if I were you. Wouldn't want to hit any of the people around here, would ya?" His grin was sly and knowing. They clearly weren't above using the audience as collateral


"GET STARTED ALREADY!" Bear-Knuckle was clearly growing impatient.

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"Woo look at them pot holders you got there bet you can hold all the limes eh big guy?" He smiled confidently completely ignoring TKO's subtle threat as he took his own stance more side on with his dominant left hand further back than his right.


"Let's have an up close look at em huh?"

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Heavyweight frowned, but that about it from reaction, then he started running. It wasn't entirely fast, but he got up close, at least. He took a rather lazy swing at Facsimile, not even getting close to catching him, but to be honest, he didn't seem to care much, either. Or maybe it was just his regular expression. It was kind of hard to tell, with how he was affected.


"C'mon, you can do better than that!" Bear-Knuckle was clearly not amused.

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Facsimile smirked a little as he watched the blow go wide.


"Gotta say big fella you don't seem to want to be here...why don't you sit this one out?" He offered as he lowered his body and delivered a firm sweeping blow with his metal leg to the back of heavyweights knees and sending him tumbling over onto his back.


Following through the momentum facsimiles Dynamo body roared as he raised himself back up to strike but found himself stopped dead in his tracks by a feeling of incredible weight locking him into place.


Struggling against it briefly he found he lacked the leverage to shake it off fully at the moment.


"Hwy what gives?" Facs feigned a pout "I was gonna kick you clean out of this ring!"

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"Got you." Heavyweight took his time to stand up again, towering above Facsimile's prone form. It seemed that he was a man of few words, slowly, but surely, adjusting his neck with a loud *KRACK* sound, before stretching his arms out to the side and letting him fall down on top of his opponent's pinned body, this time attempting to pin Facsimile with his body and weight. It would be a crushing feeling, to say the least.


"Ha, that'll show ya, punk!" TKO was clearly excited by the turn of events, while Bear-Knuckle was standing back, arms crossed and grumbling. The kid at the computer looked nervously over at Fly-Boy, who was doing... well, whatever a weird mansect was doing. "If ya touch him, Heavyweight's gonna crush ya!"

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"Pfft I'm just glad he didn't sit on me." Facsimile chortled as he shifted a little under heavyweight considerable mass.


"But you did you think laying ontop of a living generator was a good idea?" He asked none challantly as hus body began to thrum and buzz threateningly.


"Cause I think you're in for a shock!"

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"OW!" The lightning struck through the large man's body, leaving burnt marks on him. He struggled for a moment, obviously gasping for air. Maybe a weak heart at his age, shocked by the hero's lightning strike? Maybe just not prepared to being hit while trying to crush the life out of his opponent? At any rate, his body loosened for a moment, his grip on Facsimile, even the crushing grip of the increased gravity, letting up, even if only for a moment.


There was a buzzing sound overhead. If Facsimile looked up, he would see that Fly-Boy had left his position by the man with the computer, to the man's obvious relief. Now the strange being was flying overhead, carefully watching Facsimile's every move.

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And that was all it took for facsimile to slip loose, his legs thrumming with power as he projected his magnetic field and shot him self out from under heavyweight.


"Well that was fun but I don't think I'm interested in doing it again...save for the part where I zap you of course!"


Extending his arms out at shoulder height, thumbs touching and pointers pointed at heavy weight he built another charge up, this time visable arcs of electricity flowing along the lengths of his arms as he prepared to fire another barrage of bolts.


He spared a quick glance at fly boy and with a wry smile spoke up.


"Feel free to jump in, Waters fine."

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"Ow. Ow. OW!" The lightning arced over and around Heavyweight as he struggled to try and reach the hero, failing to even more as he was zapped over and over. When Facsimile let up for a moment, smoke rose from him, and there was a rather distinct, and unpleasant, smell of cooked flesh coming from him. 


Above, Fly-Boy accepted his invitation, sending a blast of stomach acid straigh at Facsimile. Though it missed, the shot started burning a hole through the ring where it had hid, while Fly-Boy began circling overhead. He had no reason to get up close, after all. Not like Heavyweight.

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"Here comes the next contestant!" He said with the sly confidence that pervaded everything he'd said and done so far.


"Take a few to catch your breath big guy I'll be right back." 


And with that he was off like a lightning bolt straight up towards the grotesque fly creature.


"Oof buddy I'm going to do you a favor and hit you In the face...not like I can make things any worse right?" A glint of blue white electricity later sent him spinning around behind flyboy with his arms raised and his fingers interlocked with a mighty sledgehammer brought his full thundering wrath down on the unsuspecting fly-boy's head.

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Heavyweight looked up with a heavy sigh, and slowly moved to the side of the ring, climbing out of it and landing heavily on the ground. He held his right shoulder as he moved over to Bear-Knuckle and shook his head with another heavy sigh. "Sorry." Bear-Knuckle shook his head and crossed his arms, smirking at the sight in the arena. Oh, he'd get his turn soon, it seemed.


Facsimile's fish clashed straight into Fly-Boy's face, electricity crackling around him as he received the sledgehammer blow before landing heavily in the arena. He made confused buzzing noises, not quite words, struggling to move, to do something, but the electricity kept crackling around him.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hmm...someone had slipped away it seemed...perhaps a little probing would root them out?


Crossing his arms over his chest to close the circuit whilst he built his power to maximum, flinging his arms wide and launching his attack along carefully ionised paths towards fly boy he how're failed to account for the existing electricity surrounding the fallen flyboy and it merely bounced away from him harmlessly.


Any unseen foes however remained to be seen.

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The lightning crackled away from Fly-Boy, who struggled on the floor, making weird buzzing noises as he tried to move. His wings would try flap, almost managing it, but not quite. No, he seemed to be at the mercy of Facsimile, lying on the floor as he was, with none of the other Contenders seeming willing to step in on his behalf. Heavyweight was idly scratching his arm in some discomfort, while Bear-Knuckle grinned wickedly, opening and closing his claws as he got himself pumped to get ready.

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  • 3 weeks later...

"Well looks like I'll have to get up close and personal after all...not that I mind!" Facsimile boasted as he once again became wreathed in crackling electricity and streaked towards the downed flyboy, arm pulled back for a massive haymaker as he went.


Fly boy's erratic twitching however proved to be an effective defense as his blow went wide and his metal fist impacted the mat with stone crushing and metal shattering force catering the place it impacted quite significantly.


"Quit squirming!"

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"Listen to yer own advice, punk!" The voice came close by, somewhere within the ring. Even if Facsimile couldn't see him, it was clear that TKO was in there with him now, somewhere! Hiding out of sight, invisible, or something else? He would have to find out on his own, if he could even get the chance! 


The floor under Facsimile erupted, exploding upwards and moving up, almost like it was a fist reaching up and trying to snap around him in one quick grab!

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"Too slow and obvious you old fogey!" Facsimile roared in response as he rocketed away from the mat too quick for its slow encroaching to reach him.


"Next time you try to sneak up on someone try not being such an obnoxious rock head that you shutting up suddenly tips em off; Idiot."


He laughed uproariously as he soares further into the air over head. Angling himself down.


"Invisibility won't help you either when I can blast the whole ring at once."


And making good on his threat he began to build up the low am page,  high voltage charge that would thunder down onto the arena with stunning power!

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There were no sound from TKO. Either the shock was just too much for him, or he had moved somewhere else. Fly-Boy, on the other hand, made some weird, pained buzzing noises as the lightning cascaded over his body and his wings, lbut finally, he shook it off, and then flew straight up, above Facsimile.


"MY TURN!" It was more of a roar than just words being spoken, as Bear-Knuckle leapt at Facsimile from out of nowhere, swinging both of his massive bear arms at the young hero. So far, he had held his own against a couple of the Contenders, and he had even made Heavyweight leave the arena, but against three of them, including the ferocious Bear-Knuckle, who claws were cutting through Facsimilie's armor like it was nothing! Landing in the ring under Facsimile, Bear-Knuckle made an obscene gesture with his arms, a massive grin spreading across his lips. "C'mon, punk! Show me what ya got!"

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Facsimiles world span as he was struck, he bobbed In the air as he tried to steady himself and keep from falling into the mosh pit bellow him.


He wouldnt be able to handle three of them at once "feeling brave with all your back up dancers bear cankle?" He teased even as he sparked and struggled.


"Think I'll catch my breath for a moment before continue to embarrass you." He said with a smirk as he shakily rose into the air another two thousand or so feet.

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With a wild yell, Bear-Knuckle leapt at Facsimile again, but whether through still or just dumb luck, his blow failed to land, as the massive man sailed through the air before landing outside the arena. Cursing and yelling almost incoherently, Bear-Knuckle scrambled to his feet and turned to face Facsimile once more. "SOMEONE GET THE PUNK DOWN!" He obviously wasn't a fan of Facsimile flying.


TKO was still nowhere to be seen. Had he stayed, or had he run? At any rate, Heavyweight still stayed outside the ring, just looking up at their enemy. His breathing was heavy, and he obviously still hadn't recovered from the previous action.


And then, came the Fly-Boy. Buzzing and flying all around Facsimile, he seemed to be fully back in action. With a loud retching sound, he pulled back, before spitting a burning green liquid from his mouth all over Facsimile.

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  • 1 month later...

"Haha, you mad Bro?" Facsimile chortled with glee as he extended his arms and focused on what he was attempting to do only to feel whatever gross gunk flyboy was spitting splatter all over him.


"Gross dude, say it don't spray it." He said dismissively as he closed his eyes and with all of his might reached out to the world around him, grasping at the very concept of the atmosphere itself and then pulling!


The transformation that followed was more of an explosion than the usual flash of white that washed over him, his form a whirling mass of clouds, seeded with lightning, wrapped in raging winds carrying glittering ice.


"Drink up, shoot in, Let the beatings begin!"

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"What the hell?" Yeah. Bear-Knuckle was mad, Facsimile had that right. He was also even more pissed off than before, audible breathing hard and grunting as he tried to figure out what to do about the situation. He turned to the others, a look of absolutely fury and confusion on his face. "How the hell do you punch a #%&¤ing cloud?"


Heavyweight climbed into the ring, while Fly-Boy buzzed around, both equally bewildered by this turn of events. TKO was the only one that didn't seem completely stunned by the turn of events, instead gesturing towards the kid at the computer, before turning back towards Facsimile. "Bad move, punk!" he shouted over the hero's storm. He spread his arms out to the side. "You wanna huff and puff? Be my guest! See how ya like a whole school blowing up 'cus of you! Is that what you want?"


Of course, the Contenders had no reason to play fair. They wanted a win, nothing else. "What's it gonna be, hero? Gonna huff and puff and we take out the school, or turn back into something we can hit?"

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"Hahaha! I just wanted to hear you admit you were no match for me old man! Not one on one, not four on one! Not a hundred on one....you just lost in front of everyone."


"Hmm for my next trick how about I turn into light and beat you all to your knees between microseconds?" He teased as he rubbed his chin.


"Nah I want you to remember this humiliation more than the bruises...have it your way hasbeen."


And with that he returned to his flesh and blood form with a roll of his neck.


"Not that I'm gonna make it easy on ya mind, I've still got my good looks and my pride see?"

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"Fightin' smart's not a loss, kid." TKO obviously didn't agree with Facsimile's view of the entire situation. He disappeared again, then the floor itself snapped up and tried to catch Facsimile, only just missing him.


The look in Bear-Knuckle's eyes said everything. If he had been pissed before, then now all bets were off. With a howl he threw himself at Facsimile's now human form, swinging his massive clawed arms at the hero with all the force he could muster. Facsimile could just about hear a curse from TKO before Bear-Knuckle collided with him, with all the power and fury of his namesake.


Both Heavyweight and Fly-Boy tried to help, but unlike their would-be leader, they didn't seem quite up to the task, getting in close. They missed, but they were all up close now.

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