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Mazes and Minotaurs OOC

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

Normally a hit, let's see if its a miss due to the mists: 14

You hit!


TOU save vs. DC21, per chat: 27

Damn, acing that.


Now, opposed grapple: 24

Gorgon wins the grapple!


Then, in response, it glares at Moira.

First of all, at 17+, the mists blocks the gaze: 11



In that case: First make a Reflex Save vs. DC18. If that succeeds, you escape the effect. If you fail, do a DC18 Fortitude save to avoid being turned to stone!


20 - Scion - 2HP - No damage

19 - Gorgon - No damage

Mist - Partial concealment: Attacks miss on 17+, including the Gorgon's petrification stare

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